Saturday, May 9, 2009

For My Mom on Mother's Day...

When I was just a baby...

I didn't realize how special it was that my mom was willing to sacrifice her career to stay home with me. She was already teaching me that being a Mom is the most important job you will ever have in your life.

When I was a toddler...

I didn't realize that my alone time with Mom was coming to an end very soon. My brother Ryan was already on the way and Adam would shortly follow. She was already teaching me that it is possible for a Mother to love all of her children just as much as her first.

When I was a little girl...

I didn't realize that I could survive without being by my Mom's side. I cried every day on the way to school, but she made me go anyway. I cried everyday on the way to gymnastics and piano lessons, but she made me go anyway. She was already teaching me that even though she wasn't right by my side, she would always be there for me when I needed her.

When I was in grade school...

I didn't realize how silly it was to want to be like everyone else. If it was cool to have feathered bangs...I had them. If it was cool to wear 36 friendship bracelets on one arm...I wore them. If it was cool to have a new Halloween costume every year...I had one. My Mom knew I didn't need all these things to be special, but she still helped me feather my bangs every morning and helped me braid friendship bracelets out of her good cross-stitching floss. She was already teaching me that being a good Mom means doing anything you can to make your kids happy...even if it means staying up until 2:00 in the morning to make a one-of-a-kind French Maid costume the night before Halloween.

When I was in high school...

I didn't realize how cool my Mom actually was. Like most teenagers, I thought my mom was out-of-style and out-of-touch with "reality". I remember her saying "Well...then HELP me be more stylish and help me understand your reality". So, we emptied her closet of all jumpers and wooden birdhouse pins and we sat down over coffee and talked about boys. She was already teaching me that Moms don't always know everything...but good Moms are always willing to admit it.

When I was in college...

I didn't realize that my Mom was becoming my best friend. She let me cry to her on the phone when I had a bad day and she let me celebrate with her when I aced a test. She would drive 150 miles in one day just to take me shopping and out to lunch. She would drive 320 miles just to see me dance at one basketball game. She was always there for me, just like she said she would be. She was already teaching me that Mothers and Daughters CAN be best friends.

When I was in grad school...

And stressed beyond belief, I didn't realize that a girl's weekend in Chicago with my Mom would be my saving grace. Once again, my Mom knew what I needed and spent the whole weekend talking to me and encouraging me. She was already teaching me to never give up on my dreams.

When I graduated from college...

I didn't realize just how much my parents sacrificed to send me there. The books they paid for, the rent they helped me with, the campus parking tickets they overlooked (even though I knew they were furious), etc. She was already teaching me that parents still take care of their kids, even when they are hundreds of miles away.

When my Mom graduated from college... 

I didn't realize what an amazing accomplishment that was...until I started working my first full-time job and thought to myself, "how can my Mom find time to work, commute, take care of a family, go to class AND do homework?!!" Oh...and get straight A's while doing it. She was already teaching me that achieving your dreams isn't always easy, but if it is what you can make it happen.

When I got married...

I didn't realize how much my life was going to change. I was now sharing a home, a bank account and a life with someone else. Two sets of hopes, two sets of dreams...both trying to work together as one. My Mom told me that there would be wonderful days...and not-so wonderful days. Easy times...and hard times. But loving someone meant loving them through all of those times. She was already teaching me that being a good wife meant letting go of some of my wants...for someone elses. 

When I was pregnant the first time... 

I didn't realize I would feel so anxious about becoming a Mom myself. Would I know what to do with a new baby? Would she breastfeed? Would she sleep well? Would she bond with me? Would I bond with her? I was so scared about all the unknowns, but my Mom just kept reminding me that I would know what to do when she arrived. She was already teaching me that motherhood comes naturally.

The day I became a Mom...

I didn't realize that I already knew everything I needed to know about being a good Mom because I had learned from the best. She had already taught me how to be caring and nurturing. How to be firm, but understanding. How to be encouraging and supportive. And best of all...she taught me how to be loving and patient. Being a good Mom doesn't come to you all at once. It takes time and practice and I thank God every day that I was blessed with the most amazing Mother, teacher and friend a daughter could ever ask for.

Happy Mother's Day Mamacita. I love you with all my heart!!!


  1. Jen...that entry was truly touching. I am almost in tears so I know your Mom will definitely bawl when she reads it! Happy Mother's day to you and your mama!

  2. This is incredibly touching!

  3. Oh my goodness, I was in tears reading that!

  4. Amy, you were right! Mamacita is bawling like a baby.

    "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

    Happy Mother's Day to the best daughter anyone could EVER have. God only gave me one girl - but he put the best of everything into you. You are a wonderful Mother and in 28 years, Addison will be writing the same thing about you!

    I love you Jen!

  5. This is by far the very very best mother's day post EVER!!! Jen, what a absolutely beautiful post!! Happy Mother's Day to you as well, dear friend. xoxo

  6. Oh my goodness that is absolutely beautiful! I ditto you on every words :)

  7. So sweet! Happy mother's day to you and your mom!

  8. Oh my Jen~ You are a truly amazing daughter and mother! I am sitting here in tears right now thinking how much this reminds me of my mother and me :) Have a wonderful day with your mom and Addie and cherish it!!!

    Kelly and Brecken

  9. I just have to say... your mom and you are so beautiful. Just from the picture at the top of your blog I always thought your daughter looked more like your husband. Clearly not! That second picture from this post proves that she looks just like you too! You look so much like your mom, so it'll be so fun to compare once Addison gets a little older and see how much the generations resemble each other! I had to take a double take! I just wanted to comment on a beautiful post... :0)


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