Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Heart Peapod

In my opinion, it seemed CRAZY to let a $20 off your first purchase plus free delivery coupon go to waste. I mean....even if I am perfectly capable of driving to the grocery store and picking everything up myself, I didn't have a $20 coupon for Jewel. So I thought what the hell. I am going to give this whole Peapod thing a try.

So Sunday night, I sat down at my computer and went through some recipes and started placing my order. I finally remembered that jar of cocktail sauce we have been needing, the box of banana bread mix I have been craving and the bag of No Yolk noodles I have had a coupon for for weeks. I clicked "Submit Order" and got a rush of excitement. I had just grocery shopped in my pajamas while watching Celebrity Apprentice.

On Monday morning, I realized that we were getting low on Yo Baby yogurt. I quickly jumped online and added some to my cart. can add items to your cart up until the day of delivery. I also realized I forgot MILK! Who forgets milk? Well...that would have been a second trip to the store, had I gone there on Sunday. So I added that too.

On Tuesday, I sat in my kitchen and waited patiently for my order to arrive. I almost jumped up and started clapping when I saw one of these in my driveway...

The nice Peapod man get out of the truck, unloaded my groceries, wheeled them up to my door, brought them into my house and set them on my counter. Seriously? All I had to do was unpack them. It was by far one of the COOLEST grocery shopping experiences ever. If you have coupons or just feel like you don't have time for grocery shopping that week, I highly recommend giving Peapod a try. When baby #2 arrives in the dead of winter and I am house bet your sweet a** I will be calling Peapod again :-)

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  1. That is WAY too cool!!! I want to do that, gosh I might not ever leave the house.


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