Monday, May 4, 2009

I was 15 The Last Time...

I had a REAL summer break!!!!!!!!!! No job, no school...just SUN & FUN!! Okay...I do still have one important job this summer. I guess I can't forget my stay-at-home-mommy duties. But hey...I'll take those because it means getting to spend my summer with peanut :-) What's on our summer break agenda you ask:

1.) Spend lots of time out our beach club swimming, playing in the sand, eating yummy food and riding around in Grandpa and Uncle Adam's golf cart. We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday and Grandpa took Addie on her first ride! I know it looks like she didn't enjoy it...but I assure you she did :-)

Grandma wanted to take her for a spin too...with her Marti Gras beads of course.

2.) Spend lots of time playing in the yard with Howie. He needs the exercise...and so does Mommy :-)

3.) Spend lots of time swimming with Nia, Audrey, Brennan and Nolan at Aunt Sue's pool. I hear she is opening it VERY soon!

4.) Sleep in. HAHAHAHAHAH! Yeah right.

5.)  Spend time helping Daddy in the garden.

6.) Have LOTS of play dates with all of our friends (Like Kennedy, Connor, Gracie, Parker, Isaac, Austin & Elizabeth, etc. Addie has a lot of friends :-)

7.) At the end of summer break, Addie will move into her big girl room (a.k.a the current playroom) so that Mommy and Daddy can start preparing the nursery for a new baby brother or sister!

So as you can see...we have a pretty packed schedule this summer. I will miss teaching, but I know fall will be here before I know it so I just want to spend these next few months having as much fun as possible. Now if only the weather would feel more like summer break :-)


  1. That sounds like a great summer vacation! :)

  2. I'm sure you're already looking at bedding for Addie and baby boy bedding (if it's a boy) for the nursery! I know I am already!

  3. Sounds like a great time! Hope the grading marathon went well.


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