Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Mozart & A Gummy Bear

I know it is too soon to tell, but I may have a little Mozart on my hands!

When Grandma sat Addie in front of the piano yesterday, I thought she would squirm off that bench faster than you could say "play". But to my surprise, she started banging away at the keys!

I know it was just in our imagination, but we all SWEAR she was playing Chop Sticks. And in case you were wondering...those are her Mardi Gras beads...again. She never takes them off.

And in other Davis news, we got our first peak of Peanut #2 today!!!

I had a little bit of spotting this morning (had some with Addie too) and my doc just wanted to make sure everything was fine and dandy. Thankfully, it was!! I got to see AND hear the amazing heartbeat. P2 looked more like a gummy bear than a baby today, but it was still amazing to see his/her little beating heart. God is amazing.

Well that's all for today folks! It is a nasty, rainy day and Peanut #1 needs some indoor entertainment. Playroom here we come!


  1. Yippeee! Doesn't that first ultrasound melt your heart??

    Oh--and make sure you hop over and sign up for my giveaway. It ends Friday!

  2. THAT IS AWESOME!! I had spotting and down right BLEEDING with Isaac and all turned out well... so hang in there sister! Wait, was that TMI? Sorry if it is.. just thought I would share friend! Much love to you!

  3. Isn't it silly that I've chosen your blog as my method of communication regarding the giveaway? Anyway...

    I deleted your comment about my page being private, and also wrote a post (because I'm sure you're not the only one who was mixed up) letting people know my page isn't private.

    My point?? Blog away! and leave new comments for your entries...

  4. Hooray for Mozart and ultrasounds. I think it's a boy...


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