Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday: Big Sister T-Shirts

Whenever I daydreamed about being pregnant with baby #2, I always envisioned putting Addie in a "Big Sister" t-shirt and driving her over to our family's house to break the news. But...because Eric and I were too excited and totally impatient...we skipped that step and just called our family. Ha! But if we would have waited, here are some of the adorable Big Sister shirts I found online. I think Addie still needs one regardless :-)

Birdie Big Sis Tee from Zoey's Attic

I just have a thing for little birdies so I thought this tee was too cute. Plus, I love anything you can personalize.

Ballerina Big Sis Tee from Cookie Baby Inc.

The ruffles and cute ballerina make this tee extra girlie. I love it!

Princess Big Sis Tee from Cafe Press

This tee is SO perfect for Addie and any other high maintenance princess out there :-)

I'm Going to Be a Big Sis Tee by Printfection

Printfection also makes this tee in "I'm Going to Be the Big Sister of Twins" which my cousin Kris may want to get for little Gracie :-)

I Have a Secret Big Sis Tee by Cafe Press

If they could change the writing too "I Have a Secret But Mommy Already Spilled the Beans"...I would buy it in a heartbeat. But for those of you who CAN keep a secret...I think this tee is adorable.

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