Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beach Babe

It finally felt like summer today. It was 78 and sunny...a perfect day for a trip to the beach club!! Eric and I have been dying to go for weeks, especially since Addie was too little to enjoy the beach last summer. Well after is safe to say that my little peanut is going to be a beach babe this summer.

We started out the afternoon by rocking the swings.

Eric couldn't even resist hoping on one. I wish I could have gotten a picture of his beautiful dismount in flip-flops. Too funny. Even Addie laughed.

When we finally headed down to the beach, Addie wanted to relax a little first.

Here she is just hanging out, catching some sun with SPF 180 on (that's what I came up with after I applied 3 layers of SPF 60. Ha!)

As you can see, Eric chose not to wear sunscreen today so that he could work on that farmers tan. Don't worry...I am not making fun. You will notice that I am in NO pictures because the sun reflecting off MY pasty pale skin was blinding and none of the pictures turned out. Ha!

Aren't baby butts in swim suits the cutest thing ever?

Eric did a great job building lots of sand castles for Addie...just so she could knock them down. It was her favorite thing to do (besides chasing other kids on the beach).

And when she wouldn't sit still, Daddy took over...

And buried her :-)

This held her for about 20 seconds and then it was into the water!!! We had SO much fun on our family beach outing. I can't wait to go back again :-)


  1. Looks like all of you had a great time! Is Addie eating sand in that one picture? :-)

  2. She is too adorable. I use the spray sunscreen and keep spraying Cooper probably waaay too much when we are in the sun. Looks like you had a blast.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and I must say how cute?! Happy day to you.

  4. I can't believe all the hair Addie is getting already! It seems like it grew overnight! and her bathing suit is soo cute!

  5. Love the beach! I can't wait for Isaac to be on the beach and at the end of the month on the OCEAN! Hooray!! ALSO HOORAY FOR UNDER 200 DAYS TIL BABY #2!! SO EXCITING!


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