Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Day With Connor

When I told Addie we were going to visit her boyfriend Connor this past weekend, she was soooooo excited!

And so was I. I haven't seen my friend Tara (or precious Connor) since February and I have been counting down the days until our long-awaited visit.

It was amazing to see how much the kids have grown in just a few short months.

We decided that it would be fun to take the kids to the town festival for some lunch so we loaded them up in the wagon and ventured out.

The kids loved riding in the wagon and the Daddies had fun bonding too :-)

Even though the festival was a great idea in theory, the 102 degree heat and 90% humidity put a little damper on our fun. The kids got cranky very easily so we decided to head back to the house for some AC. Look at those rosy little cheeks!

While the kids cooled off, Pat decided he would blow up the pool so that kids could take a little dip. We bet Pat he couldn't blow up the pool by himself and he gladly accepted.

The kids played while we waited.....and waited....and waited.

After admitting defeat and heading out to the garage for the air pump, Pat and Eric got the pool and water table set up for the kids. Connor liked having the table all to himself.

Whereas Addie liked having the pool all to herself. I think it was only because she could drink buckets full of hose water :-)

After tiring the kids out with some sun and fun, we brought them back in...gave them their blankies...and attempted a nap.

It was SO great seeing Pat and Tara this weekend and I know Addie had so much fun seeing her boyfriend. I am already excited for our next visit :-)

Thanks for everything Tara!!! Miss you guys!!!

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