Monday, June 15, 2009

Double Stroller Advice Needed

Since Addie will only be just shy of 2 years old when the new baby arrives, it is important that I invest in a double stroller if I ever plan to leave the house with both kids. That's just how it is. I wish that a 2-year-old would have the discipline to walk next to me as I pushed a single stroller...but let's be serious here.

So I have done a LOT of online shopping and have read hundreds and hundreds of reviews about double strollers suitable for a toddler and a newborn and before I can decide which stroller to buy, I have to answer one very important question:

Do I want a side-by-side double stroller, or a tandem (front and back) double stroller?

Obviously, there are pros and cons to both strollers. My sister-in-law has a side-by-side stroller which is very cute and light-weight, but we were barely able to move through the isles at Kohl's the other day and that was a definite con in my book. But on the other hand, a tandem stroller has it's disadvantages too because although it is not as wide, it is twice as long, which can be difficult to maneuver as well. But what I like about the tandem stroller is that the kids will be separated. The baby will face me in his/her infant seat and Addie will get her own seat up front facing forward. She won't be able to reach her hand over the side and poke at the baby. They will each have their own space...if you will. This alone has me a little sold. So...I started looking into tandem strollers first.

When I had Addie, I decided to go with the Peg Perego infant seat and I LOVE IT!! It was super easy to get in and out of the car and it fit perfectly in my Peg Perego stroller (which I also love). This is the one I have...

So naturally, I figured I would look up Peg Perego tandem strollers because my infant seat will easily fit into it. Also, I already know from experience that I love the brand and quality. Here is the adorable double tandem stroller they have to offer.

Both seats can fully recline, there is a ton of storage space at the bottom AND the reviews were all pretty great. Sold right? Umm....yeah...this beautiful double stroller runs about $900!!!!!!!!!!! I mean...are you serious? Almost a thousand bucks for ANOTHER stroller? I have searched eBay, Craigs List and some other discount sites but the cheapest I can find this stroller is about $750 and that is in "used" condition. I am sure this stroller is worth every penny and those of you who own it may agree 100%. But I am afraid a $900 stroller is SO not in our budget. So I had to keep looking.

The only way I can afford to stay with the Peg Perego brand is if I opt for the side-by-side Aria stroller (which my sister-in-law has). Again, I love my Aria single stroller so I know it is good quality and I would be able to reuse my infant seat. Here is what she looks like...

Like I said, this is a very nice stroller and at around $300 new, it is within our means. But I would have to sacrifice my want of a tandem stroller and settle for a side-by-side. I am not sure that I want to do that though until I have explored some other options.

I decided to check out a few other brands of tandem strollers and while doing so I came across this Eddie Bauer All-Terrain Tandem stroller on Amazon. It doesn't have a single review yet, but I like a lot of the features (i.e. stadium seating so that the child in the back can see over the child in the front. It also makes it more compact this way). But what I like best about this stroller is the price. It is on sale for $170 AND free shipping! I am not sure that my Peg Perego infant seat will work with it though, which means I would have to invest in an Eddie Bauer seat. Although, the two together come out to roughly $320 and that is close to the price of the side-by-side Peg Perego anyway. What do you think? 

It's not a bad looking stroller, but I always get worried about buying things without reading at least one good review. And even though the prices are comparable, I am not sure that I want to buy another infant seat when I have a perfectly nice one at home that I love.

So here is where I need some advice...what would you do in this situation (assuming you are or were a soon-to-be mom of two)? Does anyone own any of these strollers? Does anyone own a different double stroller that they love? I would appreciate any advice or input you have on this subject. In the meantime, I will keep looking :-)


  1. Have you thought about a sit n stand stroller? The only problems would be Addie wouldn't be strapped in and she wouldn't be able to nap, but those are smaller and easier to manage.

  2. we have the sit and stand... i think baby trend makes it. it is GREAT! elizabeth can sit and be buckled in or stand and ride. i pd 100 bucks for it. well worth it!

  3. i think peg prego is compatable with the baby trend sit and stand. i had to email them for a list of compatable infant seats.

  4. i wish i could help but i am in the same boat. do i get a double stroller just for the twins or try to find a triple stroller? it stresses me out and i don't want to think about it. they are all pricey. i also need at least one other car seat alone, plus doubles of a million other things!

  5. Up until this point, I've been a silent follower, but since you asked.......I LOVE my double stroller! I ordered it about a year and a half ago and they've since changed the pattern, but it's the same stoller.

    Since it is a double stroller, it is going to be bulkier than what you're used to, but this one fit my 3 year old in the front and my evenflo carrier in the back. It did't snap on, but it fit snugly enough that I wasn't worried about it coming/falling off. When my daughter was old enough to sit in the seat, I loved the fact that the back seat could be laid back flat if she fell asleep. The basket (it's roomy!) has a release so that the back of it can be dropped down and fully accessible even while the seat is reclined. My middle son is now 4 1/2 and my daughter is 14 months and it still works well for us!

  6. My sister in law swears by the Phil & Ted's stroller. And I'm kicking myself now for not getting one of those in the first place..or the Peg Perego Skate. I have the Peg Perego Pliko and while it FEELS like your riding in a handles like crap. Seriously, the wheels have a mind of their own. check out Phil & Ted. I think they run around $500 and they ride very smoothly!

  7. i found a great website of baby product reviews. there are a lot of stroller video reviews on there, which is nice! i'm not even pregnant with #2 yet, but i think about what i will do when i have a toddler and newborn! it depends on if you want an all terrain one i guess, but the bumbleride indie twin gets great reviews. a little steep in price ($650) but it's a really sturdy/smooth ride. (my friend has the single and loves it) regardless of what you choose, you might like the website =) good luck!

  8. Hey Jen- I have a Peg Perego aria single and LOVE IT..I was actually gonna do a post about it this week b/c I just got it a few weeks ago and cant believe I have gone so long with a HUGE graco..haha!!! A friend of mine who has a 6 month old and I had been thinking of getting a double stroller b/c we always go places with the boys to malls and theme parks and thought itd be nice to we just got a tandem peg perego double stroller... And we only paid $ 40 bucks on craigslist!!!!! Yes..I said 40....Granted its an older one but its still great ...I couldnt believe it...we love it!
    But obviously deals like that dont come around personally...I would look at the Phil & Ted's stroller...I see them all the time when I go to Disney and thought it was the neatest think so I looked around at can find them on craigslist too...they are pricey but less then peg perego.
    I wouldnt want a side by side one...I have used one and hated it....use cant fit through any isles so its a pain...but I like the look of Eddie Bauer All-Terrain Tandem ...I have never used not sure but it looks nice and its a nice price...u can always return it if you dont like it ;0)

  9. I have the graco quattro tour and love it. I wanted a graco so the carrier could just pop in. It is a little bulky but handles really well. We have even flown with it. I also plan on taking it to Disney in the fall.

    Check it out at amazon.

  10. I have a Graco travel system and when I bought it I was told that the carseat would fit into any Graco double stroller. But the good thing is, I think it fits most infant car seats...and the double strollers are around $140 - $170! You might want to stop by BRU or somewhere with a Graco double stroller and see if you infant car seat fits!

  11. What about a double jogger stroller? You would just need to purchase a carseat adapter if you want to use your carseat. They are multi-purpose and extremely lightweight. Plus, they are great for walks and running!!

  12. My two will be 21 mos apart when the baby is born in Nov. My plan right now is to not buy a double stroller. I am thinking about wearing the baby in a sling or the bjorn during the first few months until the older one will safely walk along. At some point I've heard it's hard to keep toddlers in strollers because they want independence. Worse case though, my Phil and Ted's jog stroller will make into a double stroller. That is my plan for now....

  13. Jen,

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that if you do invest in another brand where your current car seat isn't adaptable, you can always sell that car seat so that you don't have two and you're making extra money to put toward your new purchase(s).



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