Saturday, June 27, 2009

Everybody Loves a Wedding

Especially when the weather is sunny and 80 degrees with a light breeze. Outdoor weddings are always a gamble (I should know...I had one) so when the heat wave struck this past week, I was worried that we would all be roasting at my cousin Jeff's wedding this weekend. Luckily, the weather Gods were with us and it ended up being a BEAUTIFUL night. Speaking of the night...let's do a little recap shall we?

First off, because my mother-in-law is still recuperating from her surgery and because my parents were attending the same wedding...Addie got to spend the evening with my Grandma and her boyfriend Richard! As you can see...Addie and Richard were like two peas in a pod.

I am always sad to leave peanut, even when I am excited to have a night alone with Eric. But she was anything but sad. She had a BALL with Great Grandma and Richard. Word is she got to have ice cream and stayed up way past her bedtime. I bet she wishes they would baby sit every night :-)

Being at a wedding always makes me think of our wedding day. Eric says he still remembers what he was thinking as he waited for me to come down the isle. I am sure my cousin Jeff was thinking about the same thing at this very moment...

And I know Jessica was thinking the same thing as me as she walked down the isle with her Dad. Isn't she beautiful?

I always love getting a picture of the back of bride's dresses. You can't really see the beading in this picture, but it was beautiful.

A picture perfect moment.

And here is the fantastic cousin Jeff. Jeff and I are so much alike it isn't even funny. He has always been my dance partner at every wedding (except his own...he had a beautiful bride to dance with all night).

And here are my two awesome brothers. The three of us are NEVER dressed up and in the same place at the same time, so I took advantage of the moment.

And here are the bride and groom to be!! Being at the wedding last night made me SO excited for Ryan and Meagan's wedding this November. It will be here before we know it!

And no Mueller wedding would be complete without 3 things. Booze, Polka, and Uncle Jimmy playing the accordion. 

Here is the happy new couple showing off their polka for the rest of the crowd. are one of us now honey!!

I can honestly say that Jeff and Jess had the perfect wedding night. Beautiful weather, great food and a room full of family and friends. Can you really ask for anything more? Well...I guess maybe a honeymoon in Mexico. I am so jealous right now :)

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  1. the brides dress was gorgeous, as is yours! looks like fun.


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