Thursday, June 4, 2009

Help Me Out Here

When it comes to decorating our home, Eric pretty much lets me run with whatever I want. He knows that his preference for stuffed moose heads, duck decoys and vases full of pheasant feathers aren't exactly my taste. Luckily, Eric is a very tolerant man and he is okay with me moving all of his items to the "Man Den" (a.k.a. basement). And because Eric knows that we don't have the same decorating taste, he usually doesn't have an opinion on room color, arrangement, etc. Well...that has all changed with this second baby.

I started looking around at baby bedding online this past week and I found a few sets  I really love for both a boy and a girl. Now, if this second baby ends up being another girl, I know Eric will have just as much input on that room as he had on Addison's room. Can you guess how much? Exactly. But...if this baby happens to be a boy, Eric believes he should be the project manager and/or creative director of the nursery. Notice how he calls himself the "director". No, he will not be painting, hanging pictures, putting clothes away, etc. He will be "directing" me. He will select the bedding and paint colors and tell me where to put things. And I guess I should be fair and let him help with the room right? Well, I asked him to look around and see if he liked any particular bedding sets. This is what he found... 

Ummm.......yeah. So...I don't even know what to say. He was thrilled to find that there was even a matching diaper stacker. I suppose if we were living in the jungle and we needed to protect our baby from wild animals and hunters, I could definitely justify a bedding set like this. But...well...we live in the suburbs of Chicago. Bless his little heart for finding a camo bedding set (and no offense to anyone who has used this theme in their nursery). Its just that...well...I had something different in mind. Something more baby-like and cheery. You know, something like this...

Again, we don't even know if this baby is a boy, but I am certainly glad that we are anticipating the possibility because this is the bedding dilemma we are currently in. As you can see, our tastes are VERY different. I am not asking your help on this situation because it is obvious we will have to work on a compromise. But...we are having a second disagreement about the nursery and this you CAN help with.

So, Addison will be moving into the playroom late this summer. The playroom is in our largest bedroom and thanks to all the fabulous storage units my Dad put it, I will only have to buy a dresser and bed for Addie (in white of course :-) The cherry wood furniture that is in our current nursery will stay for the new baby. Now, once we move Addie into her big girl room, we will have two other bedrooms open for the new baby. We have one bedroom that is at the same end of the house as Addie's big girl room/playroom. There is a bathroom in between the two bedrooms and I have already turned this bathroom into the "kid bathroom". We also have another bedroom that is at the other end of the house next to our Master bedroom. This bedroom is Addie's nursery right now. Now, before I go over the pros and cons of each room, let me just say that either way...the nursery will have to be painted. I used a pale green for Addie's nursery and I won't reuse that color. That is just me :-) So keep that in the back of your mind as you help make this decision. I will list the pros and cons of each bedroom.

Bedroom Next to Master Bedroom
*Close proximity to master bedroom for all those late night wake-ups.
* Far enough away from Addie's big girl room that she won't hear the new baby cry in the middle of the night and the new baby won't hear her.
* Nursery furniture is already in the room.

* In another couple of years, I will want to move the baby down the hall anyway.
* Addie wakes at 6:00 a.m. every day because she can hear Eric get ready for work.
* The room has lots of windows which is hard to block out light for naps and bedtime.
* Because of all the windows, the room is always a different temperature than the rest of the house.

Bedroom Across from Addie's Playroom/Big Girl Room

* One nice window, easy for blocking out light.
* The baby will stay in this room permanently so it won't need to be changed.
* The new baby will not hear all the noise in our bedroom when we are getting ready.

* The new baby and Addie might be able to hear each other and/or wake each other up.
* A longer walk for me in the middle of the night.

As you can see, both rooms make sense for one reason or another. Eric believes that we should keep the baby and Addie separated for the first year or so and then move the new baby down the hall later. I get what he is saying...perhaps keeping the two separated would make them both sleep better and it is a shorter distance for me to walk in the middle of the night. However, I also feel like the two should get use to hearing each other and be able to sleep through it. Also, we don't live in a mansion so the "extra walk" down the hall isn't THAT big of a deal. Plus, the new baby may sleep in our room for a while anyway.

So what do you think? Keep the nursery as is and then do the move later? Or just put the new baby where he/she will be staying permanently and decorate a really cute room that won't need to be changed for a while? I know lots of people have their kids rooms right next to each other because they don't have a choice. It works because it has to. But if you had a choice, would you put the new baby down the hall? Or keep them apart? I could really use your help and/or advice in this situation.


  1. We never had the room issue, we only have 3 rooms! But we did have the issue of crib placement. The only thing I can suggest is that you put Addie's bed on the furthest wall, and the baby's crib on the opposing furthest wall. Does that make sense?

    I think all dad's aspire to have boys and aspire to have camo bedding. Chris did! We compromised... I bought the bedding with out him knowing on clearance and couldn't return it. He was stuck with it! HA

  2. That camo bedding is hilarious! Deciding which room sounds like a tough one because they both have the pros and cons...I have no idea which would be better...I an very indecisive! Maybe flip a coin??? Ha Ha!

  3. Jen - I have no idea about where the room would be best....that's a really hard decision! The camo bedding...hilarious! I hope if we ever have a boy....Justin will just go along with what I decide! I know he is dying for a boy!

  4. I can't say it from experience, but I DO know that older kids learn quite easily to sleep through a new sibling crying out at night. Even when they share a bedroom, the older of the two kids often won't even stir when baby wakes up.

    What about putting the crib or a pack-n-play in your bedroom for the first few weeks (months?) to make your life easier? That way, while everyone adjusts, baby and Addie aren't right next door to each other.

  5. Thanks for the advice so far girls. It really does help to get opinions. I do plan to keep the new baby in the bassinette my dad made us in our bedroom for at least the first month (Addie was in our room for almost two months) so in the beginning, it won't make a difference where the room is. I guess it is just matters a few months down the road. Unless I magically get a baby that sleeps through the night by 6 weeks and then I won't have to worry at all! A girl can dream right :-)

  6. It seems like Addie must be a light sleeper, so I would put the new baby in the current nursery and plan on moving the new baby later. I'd assume that she'll get used to sleeping through a whiny/crying baby but... why chance having TWO kids up in the middle of the night!? Plus, you like to decorate, so although its extra work? I have a suspicion that you'll get a kick out of getting to "do" another room down the road! Or, what about putting Addie in the other room at the other end of the house and keeping the new baby in the current nursery and keeping the play room as a non-bedroom? I suppose that means there would be TWO rooms to redecorate before this new bean gets here, and that's probably altogether too much! The camo bedding? Well, I'll just say... thank god my husband prefers football and golf! :0) But, I wouldn't put it past him wanting his favorite team's colors splattered all over the walls! Good Luck!

  7. I think I would go with the room next to Addie's if it were me. And I like your bedding better. :o) When we had Liam, I gave Ben my favorite three options for bedding and let him pick one. It worked for us, I knew I'd like it and he felt like he got a say. I'm sure whatever you guys do will be great.

  8. Yea, camo...not so cute. (he he)
    Thoughts here:
    Get the black out shades (to go behind the curtains) that you can buy for the windows in the "lots of windows" room.
    ok, next thing.....don't worry about the baby waking Addie, in the VERY beginning we had our older kids across the hall from our master bedroom and the baby never woke them (ever). They have all 3 shared a bedroom since our baby has been 6 months old, they love it and it works out for us. We have our daughters bedroom at the other end of our house, and I don't feel comfortable having her far from me.
    Anyway, this is just my two cents....think of Little House on the Prarie where everyone was pretty much in the same room or at least VERY close.


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