Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures

I am lacking creativity tonight so I thought it would be easier (and more fun) to just give you a recap of our weekend in pictures. Enjoy!

Not that I am condoning motorcycles (because I actually hate that Eric has one) but peanut looks pretty cute sitting on it doesn't she? Eric spent a good part of his Saturday waxing and polishing this puppy so he insisted I get a picture.

And speaking of photo opps...Saturday night's ravioli dinner was no exception.

And here is my 10 week belly shot for your viewing pleasure. You can't see it really well, but there is a definite bump starting to form. Told you I would be in maternity pants by 12 weeks.

And last but not least, we finished off our weekend with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese! I hadn't been there since I was a kid and I have to say...even as an was still kind of fun! Mostly because the kids had a blast. Just see for yourself...

And this was the point where we were ALL over it...especially Nia Beanie. So we headed home and now that it is 7:30, Addie is in bed and Eric and I are just about to watch "He's Just Not That Into You." Bless my darling hubby for agreeing to watch this with me. Hope it's good or I will never live it down.


  1. You are so adorable! I love the tiny baby bump. :) We just watched He's Just Not That Into You...the hubs fell asleep. Hehe. I was a little let down. Oh well. Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Very fun! Addie looks so cute in her little jeans!


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