Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Harry Potter Time!!

That's right my friends...the time has come.

HARRY POTTER 6 came out today!!!! I know it is sad that I am THIS excited about a kid's movie...but I can't help it! I have been waiting two years for this movie to come out and damn it...I am making a day of it! My BF Tara is driving 2 1/2 hours just so we can see it together tomorrow afternoon. We are grabbing lunch and then heading to the show (minus our babies). I have a purse full of candy (yes...I smuggle) but I will also be buying a huge freaking bag of popcorn. I'm pregnant remember? Gotta have that salty/sweet combo.

Anyway, I was reading reviews today from all the people who went to the midnight showing last night (so jealous) and the reviews are all fantastic. One of my favorite review sites, Rotten Tomatoes, gave it 89% which is pretty good because they are pretty harsh. I also had a few lucky friends go see it and their reactions were all just as positive.

It seems that this movie is less about all the action, and more about the developing relationships between the characters. Nothing like a little awkward teen angst to make you feel old :-)

I have read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and if the movie is even half as good as the book, I know I am in for a real treat. Did anyone see the movie last night or today? I would love to know what you thought :-)


  1. we took our two older kids to see it (the 12:23a show). it was awesome!!!! i absolutely loved it and so did hubby and kids. you will LOVE it!!! there's some great suspense but there's comical moments (love potion) but best of all... there's Harry and Ginny. :)

    I hope you have a great time! And there's absolutely NO shame in loving a kids book series!! Are you kidding? And honestly, kids books in today's world are really well written. :) We're HUGE HP fans here!


  2. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure I will. So, now that you've seen it, how was the movie??

  3. AMAZING movie!! It's so good :)
    and will love it!!


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