Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You KNEW I Would Blog About This...

I try really hard not to use this blog as a bitchfest full of rants and complaints. I try to keep it happy and upbeat as much as a can. But damn it...sometimes a girl just needs to bitch and say her peace. So here I go...

Jon Gosselin...you are a sick, messed-up, selfish SOB and I hope Kate takes you to the cleaners. You claim to be "all about your kids" and yet you have been gallivanting around Europe with your twenty-something girlfriend holding hands and making out before your divorce is even final!!! You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

Sorry friends...I didn't mean to bring up Jon & Kate again after I swore I wouldn't. But after reading about this story in line at the grocery store today (and then for an hour online when I got home) I am just appalled!! I want to call Kate up and ask her if she wants to come over some wine and a cigarette. I just feel terrible...for her and the kids. I have a lot of wonderfully evil things I would LOVE to say about Jon right now...but again...this is suppose to be a happy blog so I will leave my rant at that. But, I do welcome any commentary. Anyone else want to punch this tool in the face?


  1. Punching him is not enough!! Poor Kate...all this time they made her look like the bitch that constantly nagged him. But you know what? He is a loser and probably needed every bit of it. He could never be man enough to do things on his own. I have so much to say about this slime bag but won't put it on here! He disgusts me beyond words! Sorry Kate for everyone who thought it was you! He just proved to the world that it was HIM!!!!!!! Jon...you are a LOSER!!!!

  2. Oh man, seriously? I'm a bit appalled too. I don't mind if you continue to blog about J&K... Coincidentally, I'm watching T&D right now... I love them! I sure hope that drama doesn't overcome this show too... If you don't count Candy & Tori's relationship drama... Ha!

  3. YES!! Thank you! I am disgusted that Jon is acting the way that he is. I want to kick him somewhere... that's for sure!

  4. I agree 100%. I hate talking about them (him) but it's hard not to when he makes an idiot out of himself.
    Thanks for letting me rant on your comments!!


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