Wednesday, August 19, 2009

See Jen Work

Well...the school year has officially begun for me! Tonight was the annual Instructor's dinner at the college and while I love seeing all of my colleagues after a summer away, I always dread the motivational speaker they hire for the workshop. I am almost 99.9% sure that the motivational speaker I watched tonight was on crack. Or speed. Or something. He was literally bouncing off the walls. So while he did his thing, I checked e-mail on my Blackberry. I was a little bummed when I only saw two new e-mails but of them was from See Jane Work!!

After I posted about this website a few days back, I got a bunch of comments and e-mails from people saying how much they loved the site! I have to agree...they have adorable stuff. So...if you had your eye on a few things but haven't clicked the "order" button yet, today is your lucky day because I have a coupon code to share!

There doesn't seem to be any restrictions on this code so shop away! I know I will :-)


  1. Just found your site tonight.. If you don't mind I will be reading more in the next few day. My son's middle name is Addison. I love that name. Did you name her after Addison on Grey's?

  2. Cathy - Thanks for stopping by!! No...i did not name my daughter Addison after Grey's, but if she decides to become a beautiful, talented doctor...then I guess I can tell people I did. Ha!

  3. I'm going to have to check out this site!! :)

  4. I am going to check it out! Thanks, Jen, and good luck with school!


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