Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa Davis!!

Today is my father-in-law Steve's birthday and I am SO excited to write this post because I have been waiting for a reason to post this adorable family pic from Eric's archives. Gotta love the 80s :-)

From the beginning, Steve has always been a family man. He played Super-Dad to two amazing kids (who turned out to me by best friend and husband). And now, he is busy playing Super-Grandpa to a bunch of amazing grandkids. And like I said before, the man never, ever leaves any of the kids out. He always gives them equal attention...even if that means holding them both at once, which he has done many...


many times :-)

And even though it is obvious that Steve is a great father and grandfather, I am not sure it is obvious to everyone what a great grandfather Steve was before the babies came along. That's right...he did have another baby to shower with love and affection.

Sadly, Mr. Howard doesn't get quite as much attention from Eric and I, but grandpa Davis knows better than to let any of his "kids" go without. And Howie knows this. So who do you think he goes to every chance he gets?

That's right...straight to Grandpa.

So if that doesn't show you what a loving, caring daddy and grandpa Steve is...I don't know what will :-) Thanks for always being so good to us Steve! I am so very lucky to have a father-in-law as great as you :-) We hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!

P.S. Shrimp will be ready at 4:00 tomorrow. See you then :-)


  1. Happy birthday to Eric's dad! :)

    Have a great weekend, lady!

  2. Happy Bday!!

    4? I'm there...just a quick trip to the south burbs :-)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY big guy!!!!
    P.S. You better not do any work on your day. ENJOY!!


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