Sunday, September 27, 2009

Need an Excuse to Use Your Trifle Bowl?

This post is about a week overdue, since I made this scrumptious trifle for my father-in-laws birthday last weekend. But because a few of my bloggy/internet friends have been talking about trifle's lately, I thought it was a good time to share one of my FAVORITE trifle recipes:

The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Trifle

This recipe is SUPER simple to make and it is delicious (and low-fat if you can believe it!) 

You need:

* 1 Angel Food Cake cut into 1 inch cubes
* 1 box of instant chocolate pudding prepared (choose sugar-free for low-fat)
* 2 16oz containers of Cool Whip (choose sugar-free for low-fat)
* 2 containers of fresh strawberries, sliced

Layer the above ingredients as follows:

* One layer of Angel Food Cake cubes (about half the cake)
* One layer of Cool Whip (use one container)
*One layer of sliced strawberries laying flat
* One layer of sliced strawberries standing up against the side of the glass.
* One layer of chocolate pudding (the pudding will mix with the strawberry layer)
* Another layer of Angel Food Cake cubes (other half of cake)
* Another layer of Cool Whip (other container)
Finish off the top with sliced strawberries.

See...easy peasy! My father-in-law loves Angel Food cake and strawberries so I thought this would be a nice twist. So what did everyone think?

Well...after we sang "Happy Birthday" (Nia's favorite part)...

And grandpa blew out his candle...

The kids performed their taste test...

Looks like a bunch of satisfied customers to me! 

Anyone else have a great trifle recipe? I love using my trifle bowl and trying new recipes. I did just find a recipe for a pumpkin trifle so I will be sure to post that recipe once I give it a try. That is...if I can find any canned pumpkin!! Was there a recall or something?


  1. There is a shortage of canned pumpkin1 It's supposed to be back in stores soon - (I read this here:

    MMM Pumpkin Trifle - sounds awesome! :)

  2. oh that looks so yummy!!

  3. Looks delish! By the way, are those the rattan style pumpkins that light up that I just fell in love with from PB? You're such a PB snob *sarcasm* :) I LOVE them and *may* buy them Please tell me if you got them somewhere cheaper!!!

  4. Chelsi - Those rattan pumpkins are actually from Target! I got them at the end of the season last year or the year before! I do love PB...but I often try to find "knock offs" other places because their prices get a little nutty :-)

  5. I like to think you did this post just for me to have a recipe for when I get my birthday present! :) Looks yummy!


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