Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nesting Madness

I guess you could say I officially started nesting a few weeks ago when I decided to go through my closet. I do have a quite a pile for Good Will and I also have some great stuff that may just appear on a blog sale very soon :-)

And even though that was progress...it didn't compare to the progress I made today folks. My MIL Patti was off for the day and decided to take Addie to her house for some fun. This left me with an ENTIRE MORNING to get things done around the house. So what did I tackle first? My scary-ass kitchen cabinets. We only moved into this house 2 years ago but you would think we have lived here for over 10 with the way my cabinets have fallen apart inside. Not literally...just in the sense that they have no rhyme or reason (and they are just plain messy).

For example, here is one of my island cabinets before today's clean out...

Disaster. Like I said...it was a big old mess. But I decided if I was going to clean them out, they needed to make sense when I put them back together. So...here is a look at my new "baking cabinet"...

Ahh...much better. But it didn't stop there. I had another island cabinet that was screaming for a makeover as well. Behold...the catch-all cabinet...

Not good. But since I already had several serving pieces in this cabinet already, I thought I would keep with the theme. So, here is my new and improved "serving cabinet"...

Man it feels good to clean!!! I will spare you the 20 or so before/after pictures I took of my cabinets today and just tell you that I did this to every single cabinet in my kitchen. Whew!

So after Addie came home and woke up from her nap, I was still feeling energetic and I thought I would tackle her closet too. Since she can get both doors open, there was no sense in having anything but toys on the bottom 2 shelves. So that's what I used them for. The rest is all clothes and shoes that actually fit!!! She still had size 6-12 months hanging in there! I know...total disgrace. But she is set now and I realized today that she doesn't need a single fall or winter clothing item. Now if only I can remind myself of that when I shop at Baby Gap :-)

Sorry...I know this post isn't that exciting for all of you, but I am pretty darn proud of my accomplishments today. I have many more closets and cabinets that need a good clean-and-purge, but my kitchen was THE WORST so I am glad that is done.

What closet, cabinet, or room in your house is in the worst shape? Are your cabinets as bad as mine were? I would love to know everyone's dirty little cabinet/closet secrets :-)


  1. your before pics are not bad, you should see mine! My whole house needs a good one over/organized/cleaned out day! the only organized, kept up thing is the kids closets!

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  3. I had to remove my comment because my dumb-butt mispelled one to many words... One is okay, three? Not so much. :)

    I just had to tell you that I spy your prep bowls, cranberry stoneware and stainless steel mixing bowl set! YAHOO! I love ALL of those items. Except, my stoneware is the vanilla color. PS, Nice cupboards. Mine are pretty tidy at this point in time. But, I sure as hell won't be showing you my "crap pile" corner of the counters... ya know, the bill, pen and random other junk collecting section of my house. Oh, I won't be showing you the papasan in our den that is overflowing with clean clothes either. :0) Good job today Mama!!!

  4. The before cabinets didnt look too bad to me. I'm in the process of cleaning out and packing my whole house! A scary undertaking. I've already dropped off 5 or 6 bags of stuff to goodwill and sold several things on craigslist. It's amazing the stuff you accumulate.

  5. So your before pics are just horrible! NOT!
    I totally know how you feel with organizing, though. It makes you feel so much better!

  6. Oh I hate..yes hate my Rubbermaid, Tupperware cabinet.. It's always a mess. I just slam it and hope nothing falls out. Then I get mad in the middle of something and sit down on the floor and clean it.. then I feel better..for a hour or so.

  7. I could use your help right now! My whole apartment needs to be reorganized!

  8. I have to agree that your before pictures were not bad at all! My kitchen cabinets could use a good cleaning...but the worst is our mudroom closet...shoes everywhere and who knows what's on the top shelf!

  9. You are reminding me that I need to clean out my closets. Uhhh. Your cabinets look great!!


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