Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ryan & Meagan's Bridal Shower!

It seems like we have been planning it forever, but my brother Ryan and future sis-in-law Meagan's Bridal shower was today!!! The weather was gorgeous and we truly couldn't have picked a better day.

Ryan and Meagan got TONS of great presents. It really makes me want to register again. Can you have bridal showers for 5-year anniversaries? Ha!

We had a DELICIOUS brunch buffet and I seriously ate waaaayyyy too many french toast sticks.

Here is the bride to be, myself, my mamacita and my sister-in-law Diana

And here is Meagan's bridal party (minus one friend)

Aww...the happy couple and their sister. Ryan was a real trooper today with all those ladies.

I think opening the Wii from my mom and dad was the highlight of his whole day :-)

This was probably one of my favorite gifts. Meagan's sister got them this sign with their last name. It is soooo cute!

Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better shower. Beautiful weather, great food, and fantastic company. Being at the shower today makes us all SO excited for the wedding! Only a month and a half and counting...

Congrats you two! Hope you both had a fun day!!


  1. That picture of you right next to your mom? Holy cow! Having the darker hair makes you totally a spittin' image of your Mamacita!! :0)

  2. Chelsi - I totally thought the same thing!! Yikes. haha! Just kidding. I hope I look that good when I am a grandma :-)

  3. Looks beautiful! I am totally loving your hair, too.

  4. Looks like a great shower. I love the wood sign, I got a similar one from my mom at our shower.

    You and mom do look alike. My mom and I get mistaken for sisters all the time.


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