Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Target...This is Why I Love You

So...remember about a week ago when I posted this about all of my luxury maternity must-haves? Well...I never could bring myself to buy a single one of those items. For starters, I found out that my hospital does not allow outside hospital gowns to be worn during a c-section. Boo! So that saved me about $95 right there. Sorry fancy Tori Spelling hospital gown...I will not be buying you.

But one thing I was starting to contemplate were these Ugg sweater boots.

I just LOVE them!!! But...because they are cream and I would really only wear these boots in the house, it seemed crazy for me to spend $160. Am I right? I figure if I buy any Ugg boots, I should invest in the good old suede weather resistant boots that I will actually wear in the snow. But, that didn't take away my desire for a sweater-like boot for running around the house and hospital. And then...Target came through for me once again with these cuties.

These ivory sweater booties are EXACTLY what I am looking for! And at $18.99...can you really go wrong?

So, since I saved $95 on the hospital gown and around $140 on the boots, I thought it might not hurt to at least indulge in my Anthropologie sweater right? I mean...what's $118 when you have already saved over $200?

Well...I changed my mind again when I realized that Target also had a TON of adorable comfy-but-cute maternity sweaters at a fraction of the price. I got this comfy little wrap for $8.74!!!! I mean...that is like tax on the expensive sweater!!

And speaking of expensive sweaters, I was also eyeing up this black empire waist cowl neck sweater at A Pea in the Pod to go with a houndstooth maternity skirt I got when I was pregnant the first time. 

$78 is not completely unreasonable for such a cute sweater, but when I found this adorable black cowl neck sweater at Target for $21.99...I just about peed my pants with excitement.

It's not like I needed another reason to love Target, but when you are a clothes and accessory whore like me working with a strict budget, you have to celebrate a good deal...esepcially when you get 3 of them in one shopping trip. Ahhhh.....I heart you Target!


  1. Love that anthro sweater. I have my eye on one...trying to justify spending 130 on a sweater. Target ones are cute!!

  2. LOL. You crack me up! I love target for this reason too!!

  3. I saw those shoes at Target too and did everything possible to stay clear of them. I succeeded, but after reading this it makes me what to go back!!!

  4. You can never go wrong at Target!


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