Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

My blogger friend Heather posted "Wishful Wednesday" today and I thought it would be fun to participate.

This week's topic:

"I wish I could be_______"
(Name that TV star! Post a pic and tell us why)

I would be Emily Deschanel from the TV show BONES. As you all know, it is one of my favorite shows ever :-)

Now, I wouldn't say that I would want to be Emily permanently, but I wouldn't mind walking in her shoes for a day. And not really her shoes, but rather her character Temperance's shoes. Here's why:

* Her character is INCREDIBLY book smart. Doctors and scientists always fascinate me beyond belief because I could never retain a fraction of their knowledge.

* Her character is not squeamish about blood, guts, dead bodies, etc. I can't even look at a paper cut without puking.

* Her character is sweet, but not the slightest bit emotional. She knows emotions make people irrational at times and speaking as the most dramatic, emotional person I know...I would like to experience that type of mind set.

* She looks beautiful with or without make-up and it doesn't matter what she wears...she always looks so cute.

* She has an incredible singing voice. I couldn't carry a tune to save my life (although I SO wish I could).

* And last...her character gets to hang out with my celebrity crush, David Boreanaz, on a daily basis. And they even got to make out once!!!

So there you go...those are my reasons for choosing Emily Deschanel as my celebrity wanna-be. Who would you chose if you could be a TV star for a day?


  1. Jen, I would totally be Keri Russell and her character Felicity! I love that show! She's so tiny and naturally beautiful...I love her hair (before she chopped it) and sense of style. Also, I love how her character experiences college...I never went away...and when I watch that show...I feel like I'm living my college through her. Plus, she dates Scott Speedsman....his character is so sweet and sensitive and totally hot!

  2. blair waldorf (leighton meester) from gossip girl. she has perfect hair - her clothes are fabulous - she has more money than God - and she's dating chuck bass. :)

  3. Whoo hoo - Bones tomorrow!! I am so excited!!

  4. Heather - I TOTALLY agree. Loved Felicity and never missed an episode.

    Jenn - Blair's clothes are to DIE for! And having more money than God would be pretty sweet too. Ha!

    Angela - I am SOOOOOOO ready for Bones tonight!!! I am ready for that season to begin :-)

  5. Never seen Bones! I may have to check that one out.

    I would totally be Victoria Beckam. Except I would smile.

  6. I would be... Sarah from Brothers & Sisters... my FAV show. Her name is Rachel Griffiths... I just adore her. I don't neccisarily want ALL of her characteristcs on the show or her marital problems. But, I do admire her as a working mom and I just think she's hot. I have a thing for brunettes though! :) I also always loved Rebecca from Full House! I can't remember any others...


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