Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Loot

This weekend I celebrated my birthday one last time with my in-laws and it was a fabulous way to end my week-long birthday celebration. Now...don't go thinking I am one of those girls that turns her birthday into a week-long celebration every year (that only happened on my 21st). This was due to scheduling conflicts with the family :-) And speaking of is my darling, workahaloic hubby. He is lucky he is so damn cute :-)

I begged everyone not to sing...

But Nia absolutely insisted. You know, "Happy Birthday" is her favorite song :-)

And here are my girls helping me make my final birthday wish this year.

So...lets get to the good stuff shall we? I guess I must have dropped a lot of birthday hints about my Ugg Boots because several of you have left comments asking if I got them. The answer is...No. family knows me all too well and because I can sometimes be a bit indecisive about what I really want, they decided the way to go was money and/or gift cards :-) My mother-in-law also knew that at Macy's...I could get the boots if I still wanted them OR get something else. You this COLE HAAN PURSE!!

Isn't it beautiful?!! This was technically a gift from her and my brothers because even though I got an UNBELIEVABLE deal on this bag thanks to a Columbus Day is, after all, a Cole Haan :-) I am seriously such a purse whore.

And speaking of my family knowing me all to well, my SIL Dana knew that I would need a few essentials after the baby arrives. One of which is a great pair of Spanx!

Baby/mommy essentials actually seemed to be the theme of this birthday so my mom, who knew that I was on the hunt for a blue and white polka dot bath robe to match the pink and white polka dot bathrobe I wore in the hospital with Addie, found one and gave it to me as a surprise! I couldn't find a pic of it in the blue, but here it is in pink. It is SO COZY!!

And because you can never have too many cute coffee cups, my mom found me this one. So true isn't it?

I also got a TON of other great surprises from everyone and I think it is safe to say that I was SPOILED this year!! But thanks to my hubby, the spoiling doesn't stop at my birthday. Him and Addie gave me a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble (my favorite place to go alone and sit and read with a big old coffee) which I will use after I go for my amazing mani and pedi!!! Eric knew the way to my heart this year. I told him all I wanted was a little "relaxation" and that is what he gave me :-) Gotta love him!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great birthday! A girl needs a week long celebration every eight years or so... :o)

  2. Congrats on the fun birthday loot! :)

    I made mine a week long, too. It's the only way to celebrate! :)