Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thanks Nemo!

All I have to say is THANK YOU NEMO!! I am so happy that Addie has developed a love of fish, and more specifically Nemo, because it made our trip to the doctor's office fun yesterday! Addie has always been very antsy in the waiting room and this made for some very loooooong waits. But this time, she realized that "Nemo" lives in the fish tank at Dr. R's office!!! She was so excited to stand up at the tank on her own and point out all fish to Nana. We don't know our colors yet, so we based everything on size and gender. "Big fish", "baby fish", "Mama fish", "Daddy fish" and apparently the big yellow one was the "Nana fish". Too damn cute :-)

After a good 15 minutes at the fish tank, it was our turn to go in. Addie grabbed my hand, put on a big smile, and walked into the office like she owned the place. Her and Blake were both hamming it up for the nurse and I thought, "Wow...this is like the best visit ever!" I should have known better I suppose. As soon as Dr. R came in, my outgoing little drama queen turned into a little clam. She curled up on my mom's lap and wouldn't answer any of the doctor's questions. Nice. Maybe we should have had the appointment in the waiting room?

Anyway, the good news is that both of my babies are as healthy as can be. The Blakester weighed in at 13 pounds and was 24 inches long!!! 75th percentile for both :-) Little Miss Addie, a.k.a. the string bean, weighted in at 26.5 pounds and was 36 inches long!!! The doc said she is as tall as a 3-year-old! Too funny.

Luckily, Addie avoided shots this appointment (which made both of us very happy) but the B man had to have his first set :-( He handled them like a champ though and I was able to get a nice nap out of him afterward. I heart Tylenol :-)

So...Blake will have many more appointments this year but the Birthday girl won't have to go back until she is 3! That seems so far away, but if this year goes even half as fast as this past year...we will be going back before we know it.

And speaking of the birthday girl, it's time to start celebrating!!! I am going to be a bit busy the next few days with cupcake baking and pre-birthday celebrations. But don't worry...there are some fun posts waiting to be published :-)


  1. Glad you had such a good visit (with 2 healthy little ones!) That is so cute about the nana fish!

  2. Wow, B is getting big!!! Best news is two healthy happy babies.