Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reasons to Own Your Own Bounce House

To say that my nephew Nolan was spoiled on his birthday would be an understatement. Well, to say that ANY of our kids were spoiled on their birthdays would be an understatement thanks to their always generous Nanas and Papas :-) I swear...I think our parents love going to Toys R Us more than the kids do!! Which is probably why Nana Skedel walked out with this awesome bounce house for Nolan!! Seriously, how cool is this thing?

Back in October, I started searching for an indoor bounce house for Addie to use over the winter (I may have even posted about it) but sadly...I couldn't find any that were in my price range that had good reviews. Well, the bounce house craze must have really caught on because Toys R Us is carrying a TON of them this spring!! This is one of the newer ones, and you can check it out here.

You know, I suppose I didn't really need to go buy Addie her own, since Aunt Dana would gladly have us over to jump in theirs whenever we wanted. But, since my little bouncer LOVES to bounce, I thought I would give my bed a rest and buy her something a little safer. I had a coupon so I got this for a great deal in-store. I couldn't wait to set it up for her today when she had her BFF Kennedy over for a little playdate. As you can imagine, the girls had a blast bouncing around with each other.

I realized today that owning your own bounce house has some great advantages. For example, you always have a way of entertaining kids for playdates, you don't have to pay money to go to a bounce house, AND you can get some seriously great exercise if you hop in yourself :-) Oh, and if you want to, you can bounce naked after bathtime...

Trust me...I will NOT be trying that last one myself. Ha!


  1. I've never wished I were your neighbor more! :)

  2. That is so hilarious! I love the censored pic the most :)

  3. haha! so funny! i must check those out!