Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Almost Oprah Appearance

About a month ago, Oprah asked all Twilight fans to submit essays explaining how the books have changed their lives. She specifically asked for moms who were willing to admit their obsession with the series and talk about why or how they relate to it.

My friend Linsey e-mailed me right away and said that I HAD to submit an essay so that we could get tickets to the Twilight episode (which aired today). I did write an essay, but never finished it and missed the deadline. Oh least we could still watch it on TV right?

Well, as it turns out, my friend Linsey did submit her essay on time! She tried to keep the essay funny and talked about how we plan a girls night every time a new movie or DVD comes out, how she got me hooked on the books in the first place, how we would spend nap time reading and rereading each of the books and then call each other to talk about them. Well, whatever she said must have struck a cord with the producers because she got a phone call two weeks later. The producer said they would like Linsey and I to Skype the day of the show and talk a little about our "obsession". AHHHHH!!!

When Linsey started telling me this story, I was already planning out what I would wear, what I would say, how many glasses of wine I would need to drink to calm my nerves, etc. But then Linsey interrupted my brainstorm and said "But I turned them down, Jen". WHAT???????? I am sure my neighbors heard me scream. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" I asked her, in my most patient voice of course. She explained that she didn't send in her essay so that we could be made fun of on the show. She just wanted to get us tickets and be able to see Rob and the rest of the cast in person. I just started shouting at her saying "THEY CAN MAKE FUN OF ME! I DON'T CARE! WHAT'S THE CHIC'S NUMBER!! LETS CALL HER BACK!" Linsey assured me that once I saw the show, I would be glad that she turned them down. They weren't offering us tickets, they weren't offering us an opportunity to see the movie, AND it sounded to her like they wanted a bunch of mom's to make fun of on the show. When she put it that way, I guess I could understand why she turned them down. I mean...I don't want to be made fun of on national TV and if I wasn't getting to go to the show or the premier anyway...what's the point of going through humiliation with no reward?

Well as I said, the show aired today and Robert and Taylor (and Kristin) all looked fabulous...

And what about the Skypers you ask? Well...turns out there weren't any Skypers. That was just a scheme to get people to allow the Oprah show over to their house so that ROBERT PATTINSON could hand deliver front row tickets to the show. AND...all of the people in the audience got to see Eclipse last night. A month and a half before anyone else. Yeah. Oh, and Oprah only "made fun of" 4 moms from Southern Illinois and it wasn't really that bad. Plus, I am sure they didn't mind since they were in the audience too!!!!

Linsey sent me a text a while ago begging me not to de-friend her. I know she is feeling all kinds of bummed right now so I am not going to give her the "I told ya so" I was thinking in my head as I watched the show. I simply told her that I loved her...that I am not mad...and that I am certainly not going to de-friend her :-) But I'll tell ya one thing...that girl has some SERIOUS making up to do. HAHAHA! Love ya Lins!


  1. Aw man! Your poor friend, I bet she is so bummed! Oh well it makes for a funny story!

  2. I HAVE NO WORDS. I have gone through every emotion. Depression, Hate, Anger, Guilt, a WTF was i thinking attitude, etc. I turned it down (because only for a skype) i didnt want to make an ass of myself on national TV to be replayed over by people who make fun of housewives obsessed with Twilight. I would have done that for tickets to the show though. Then a day after i declined, i find out what the true story was.
    Jen - i cant even say how sorry i am. Literally, you should just kick me. However - i did bring you back, tea and chocolate from London. And how about a bottle (or two) of wine????????? Ok, and I will do some MAJOR baking too....

  3. Lins...we have ALL passed up opportunities in our life for one reason or another. Sometimes we are glad we did...other times we regret it. You made a judgment call and I LOVE YOU for trying to protect us :-) Stop beating yourself up and come over with that wine and chocolate tomorrow. After will be allllll better. Hugs!!!!

  4. Oh no! Just think, you will be more than prepared for the next movie.

  5. oh my gosh Jen~!!!! I can only imagine how you both felt while watching the show today!!! Oh Id be sooooo upset! I feel upset now for you both! Sooooo sorry!!!!

  6. Jen- I heart Oprah...seriously as long as it wasn't because of a tragedy I would jump through hoops to appear. Linsey, you are one tough cookie to be able to turn down Oprah's beckoning...I don't think I'd be that strong. Sorry girls for your loss.

  7. Omigod, omigod, omigod!!!! That is a major bummer. :( I would be so upset. In fact, I'm so upset for you! Oh well though, how could she have known???