Monday, December 13, 2010

A Feel-Good Day

There is no other way to describe my was just a feel-good kind of day. Here's why...

For starters, my Blakey Boy is FINALLY turning a corner in the sleep department. This has been a very looooooong time coming. He actually slept the night on Saturday night (for the first time EVER) and last night he only woke once for a few minutes. AWESOME!!! This meant I woke up feeling somewhat rested for the first time in almost a year :-) That alone is a feel-good moment worth blogging about :-)

After a great morning, it was off to dance class for Addie. This use to be a very hard morning for both of us but in case you haven't noticed...she is totally over me. She can't run into that classroom fast enough these days and that makes me very happy. But another little girl in class is having some trouble. She hasn't wanted to go into the class the last few weeks and today, when she started crying, Addie tried to hold her hand and said, "It's okay Ava, dance class is fun." I know...f-ing adorable right?

After Addie burned all of her energy in class and after Blake burned all of his energy playing with Nana, the kids both went down for a nap. Together. At the same time. For almost 3 hours. AHHHHH!!!!!!! This NEVER happens. EVER!! I spent 3 hours organizing, wrapping gifts and working on my to-do list. I can't begin to explain how magnificent that was to get something done today.

During the kid's nap, I was also able to check a few e-mails. I had just submitted all of my students final grades yesterday and I was checking to make sure there wasn't any hate-mail that I needed to report. Ha! But instead, I had 3 wonderful messages from students thanking me for a great class. They had some very sweet things to say and that really made my day :-)

And then..after a great afternoon and evening with two very well-behaved little peanuts, I got some mommy alone time. I met up with an old grade-school friend that I haven't seen in almost 13 years!!!! We reconnected recently and it was so wonderful catching up with her and talking about old times. It is amazing how you can go so long without seeing someone and then sit for 3 hours and feel like you never skipped a beat. It was really the perfect way to end a great day.

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday too!!


  1. In Addie's words...."I so hoppy." Let's hope for more!!!

  2. Oh my Gosh, Jen! That is freakin' fan-tab-ulo! Seriously, no wonder why it was a Feel Good Day!

    I'm feeling good for ya!!!

  3. That post made me so happy for you! Yay for a great day!