Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Howie's Birthday & a Trip to the Doctor

My sweet, lovable, tolerant little Howard turned 6 years old this week!

I still remember the day my parents gave him to me. It was Valentine's Day 2005 and I was a single girl living in my very first townhome. Howie and I were in love with each other right away and for a long time, he was the only baby in my life. Eric and I got together shortly after I got Howie and it took some time for them to bond. Eric was a big dog kind-of-guy and Howie was such a "chic" dog. But as soon as Howie curled up on Eric's lap one day to fall asleep...they were instant BFF's. Now Eric runs to him when he gets home the same way he does with all the kids and it is really pretty sweet. And even though Howie is a HUGE pain in my butt most days...I love him with all my heart. He is and always will be our first "baby" :-)

Happy Birthday Howie boy!!

Now, while Howie celebrated his birthday at home with a big Dingo bone, I took Blake boy to the doctor. His cold went from yucky to SUPER yucky today and with the holiday so close, I didn't want to waste any time having him seen by someone. I didn't go to our usual Pediatrician because they didn't have any openings until late this afternoon and I really wanted to get him in sooner. Plus, even though I LOVE our Pediatrician's office and every doctor in the practice, they have a very laid back, ride-it-out type of policy. They typically won't even see you unless a fever has lasted 3 days or more and their general advice is always to push fluids, get some rest, and control the fever with meds. A lot of people take a lot of comfort in their style of medicine. They like being told not to worry and even though I like to hear that too, I need more answers. I need to be more proactive.

So...I decided to take Blake to an immediate care office that we go to quite often. They are affiliated with the hospital we go to and I have always had great nurses and doctors every time I have visited. They are always fast, patient, and gentle. They also cater to crazy, worrisome, anxious mothers who need answers and a plan of action :-)

After some tests, they determined that Blake has RSV :-( They are pretty certain that Addie had it too and hers turned into Bronchitis. They said RSV is everywhere this season and she/he could have picked it up from anywhere. She said some kids (especially preschool age) only show signs of a minor cold so anyone she was around could have had it and not known. But in babies, it is a little more serious. We are lucky that Blake is almost a year old because he can fight it better. He isn't having any trouble breathing, which is usually the big concern with RSV, so she said he should be good as new in a few days. Just in time for Christmas :-)

Now, while I was there, I asked the doctor if it was normal for my kids to be sick so much these last few months when they aren't even in day care. She assured me that some kids (especially ones prone to allergies) can and will catch everything they come in contact with. And since Blake entered the crawling, everything-in-the-mouth phase during cold and flu season, it isn't uncommon at all for him to have multiple illnesses this season. But she did say it wouldn't hurt to take him to an ENT if it seems like his allergies are starting to be more chronic.

So that's where we are today. I am so grateful that I was given a sweet doctor that listened to my concerns, didn't laugh at me for being such a crazy worrier, and explained to me that my kids are in fact normal...and not suffering from toxic poisoning from black mold. Hahaha! Now all we have to do is spend the rest of the day cuddling, watching Christmas movies and eating popsicles :-) If you have time, please say a little prayer that Blake Boy is back to himself VERY soon. I would hate for him to be sick on Christmas or his birthday :-) Thanks everyone!


  1. oh no! presley had rsv bad last spring. we had to get a nebualizer to use. he spent a night in the hospital for it too because he started with a cold that just escalated from there. good thing you caught it now! takae care of the kiddies! merry christmas! see ya next week!

  2. Oh Jen, I HATE when babies are sick! I hope that little Blake and big girl Addie are on the mend soon! ESPECIALLY in time for that first birthday and for Christmas! I will say double prayers tonight! Take care girl!

  3. Aww, Happy Birthday to our little pain in the butt! I still remember us driving home with him in a blue hoodie! And even though he is obnoxious, I still love the little bugger!

    And I hope our little Beek is good as new soon so he can enjoy his first birthday and Christmas!

  4. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  5. Sorry the kids aren't feeling better!

    Happy Birthday to Howie!

  6. Happy birthday to Howie!! Oscar Pants (my first baby...errr, puppy) turns 6 on January 4th. I, too, have an extreme attachment to my pup! For a long time it was just me and him! Give Howie birthday kisses for me!

    And hugs to the little ones! Hope they are feeling better soon!

  7. I pray for you all all the time, I know that grandma and grandpa mueller are praying too!
    lots of love,