Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid


My name is Blake.

Generally, I am a pretty happy kid!

I've got a super cute smile and a sweet little giggle that everyone goes crazy for.

But lately, I have been getting more in touch with my emotions. I look at it as a good thing because it will make me a more sensitive guy, but Mom thinks I am turning into a bit of a wimp.

Okay...I admit it. If you tell me, "No"...I cry

If you tell me to "be a big boy" I'll consider it for a second...

But most likely I'll just get upset again. And cry.

If I'm tired, if I'm bored, if you leave the room, if you won't give me what I want, if I can't have another Oreo, or if you just look at me the wrong way....I cry.

But who doesn't? I've seen Mom cry when she can't have another Oreo. Why am I the wimp?

I know it's just my age and I am likely to grow out of this crybaby stage soon. But I have to remind Mom that some day I am not going to cling to her leg or let her hold me all day or kiss her and grab her face every time I see her. So really, she should be happy I'm such a Mama's boy. Afterall....she asked for it :-)

Are there any other wimpy kids out there? I know I'm not alone...


  1. YOU...when you were a baby! Payback is hell!!!

  2. Samantha! She is such a drama queen! She cries when I tell her no. She cries when I say 'ouch' if she pinches me or scratches me. She cries with any tiny little bump or fall. Emma at this age would hurt herself pretty good and would just keep going. Not this one! Such a wimp!

  3. What a cute post to remember this not-so-fun-for-mommy stage.

  4. HA! I love dirty bird Jan's response!

    I know a certain little crybaby... He's going to learn quickly that Auntie doesn't jump at every little squack that mommy does... Such is life!!!!

  5. Jonah was 2 in October and is still a crybaby! You are not alone:)

  6. Blake- Just wanted to let you know I know what it's like buddy. When Mom says no, I just lose it too. I don't understand why these Moms just don't do every little thing that we want. Maybe we can start a club or something...oh wait we probably should learn how to say more that 10 words before that!- Matt

    Jen- On the flip side...I hear you!

  7. Levi is 13 months now and I can tell he's entering this stage. He follows me EVERYWHERE, suddenly! He's really turning into a mama's boy! But, I love it :) This too, shall pass.... so we have to snuggle it all up!

  8. SO glad to know my boy is not alone :-)

    Amy - Your comment from Matt was hilarious!!!


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