Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

How on earth do you explain to a 3-year-old that presents and cake have not become the daily norm? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Addie still thinks its her birthday today, considering we have been celebrating for the past week!

And since yesterday was her actual birthday, she got to open her presents from Mommy and Daddy...

I know it wasn't necessary to decorate, but I couldn't help myself with all the cute birthday stuff I have in my stash :-)

I wasn't sure what I wanted to get Addie for her birthday this year, since we pretty much cleared off her list for Christmas. But when I found a Penelope Peapod doll on Gilt for 75% off...I couldn't resist. Nia has one of these and Addie loves playing with it when we are at her house. Now she has her own to tote around!

I knew the doll would be a huge hit, but I also thought she would get really excited about the new leotards I got her for dance class, but she just looked at them and tossed them aside.

But really, how can you blame her when she had a new DYSON to play with!

Addison is obsessed with my Dyson and loves "helping" me vacuum. If she actually could control the big thing, I would let her vacuum my house all day long. But it is still a little powerful for her, so when I saw this little pink play one at Pottery Barn Kids...I had to get it. She spent a good part of the night "vacuuming" my house...

Blake really wanted to help so luckily I was able to break out the other smaller toy vac we have...

Doesn't he look cute cleaning my floors?

Oh if only both of these vacuums actually picked up dust. I would have one clean freaking house!

But now that all the fun of Addie's birthday is over, it's time to get back to normal. The one and only thing I don't like about birthdays and celebrations is that it messes with our normal schedule and routine. Addie didn't have the best morning at dance yesterday because she was too focused on getting home to play with her new toys. She also didn't want to eat anything but cake yesterday, which means we are on full sugar detox today. We are staying home today in our jammies and I hope that by tomorrow we will be back on track. Just in time to celebrate another birthday this weekend :-)

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes for Addie everyone!! She will really appreciate those when she can read some day :-)


  1. Maybe we should start having birthday "weeks". Heck, what's one week out of 52? So glad Addie had a wonderful birthday. She's one lucky little girl to be loved by so many!

  2. That's so stinkin' cute! I mean for reals!!!

    I'm glad Addie had a wonderful birthday and I hope things get back to normal for you guys soon!

  3. That is THE coolest toy vacuum ever!!


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