Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grey's Anatomy, Wine & Girl Scout Cookies

I used to be a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan. Great storylines, great characters, great music...the show had it all. Then I felt like the writer's strike ruined everything. The show just didn't come back as strong in my opinion and I got dizzy from riding the Meredith/Derrick rollercoaster over and over again.

Anyway, after last year's crazy awesome season finale, I have been back on the Grey's train. This season has been pretty good so far and I love that Callie is pregnant, especially with Mark's baby. It's all too perfect. If you are a fan of the show, then you probably know that tonight's episode is going to be a big one. It's the Musical episode, which I normally find cheesy in other shows, but I am pretty excited about this one!

Sara Ramirez was on Access Hollywood talking about the episode and it sounds like everyone is belting out a tune or two!

I'm anxious to see if McSteamy can sing. He's so good really doesn't matter :-) I know I shouldn't be this exicted to watch a silly TV show tonight, but there will be wine and Girl Scout cookies to go with it. Does that make it better? Anyone else excited to watch tonight's show?


  1. I have not watched one single episode this year! Terrible, huh? But I do LOVE ABCs new series "Off the Map".

    Maybe I will watch tonight just to see what all the buzz is.

  2. I don't watch Grey's but I can sure enjoy Girl Scout Cookies anytime!!! Enjoy your show.


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