Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Nolan!!!

I was going to wait do Nolan's birthday post after his fabulous Toy Story party on Saturday, but I couldn't wait. Today is my God Baby's birthday and I wanted to reminisce :-)

I can still remember the day Nolan was born. We had just celebrated Addie's first birthday and we were all counting the days until his big arrival. Dana always thought it would be so special if he was born on the 24th because Nia was born on the 24th of August. And sure Nolan arrived right on schedule.

He had the thickest head of dark hair and the first thing I said when I saw him was, "Oh my gosh...he looks just like his mama!" He was (and still is) such a handsome little man.

I was so honored the day Dana and Kevin asked me to be his Godmother. I thought for a long time about the perfect gift and then it came to me. I would give him a baby boy cousin to pal around with!!! I was already preggers with his best buddy in this picture :-)

To say that Nolan is the happiest, funniest, silliest, most energetic kid you have ever met is an understatment. He has one of the sweetest smiles in the world...

He LOVES to play and giggle and I just can't get enough of him sometimes...

His first birthday came so fast. I feel like this picture was taken yesterday...

But now a whole year has gone by! I laughed going through my albums tonight because I have so few pictures of Nolan over the last year. I think it's because this little peanut never slows down. He is still just as smiley, happy and energetic as the day he was born, but now he is faster and harder to catch. Ha!

Today, when Addie and I were singing Happy Birthday to him on the phone, I could hear him giggle. He knew it was his birthday and he knew we were singing to him. He got on the phone to say bye when we were done and in that split second, I almost got a tear in my eye because I have NO IDEA where my little Nolan went!! He is such a big boy now!! I can hardly believe he is two. I am so excited to celebrate with him this weekend and watch him blow out his candles :)

Happy Birthday my little Noley :-) Your smile could brighten even the darkest day, and I am SO LUCKY to have nephew as sweet and lovable as you. I hope you have a very happy birthday! See you Saturday!!!

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