Saturday, March 5, 2011

Party Prep

It's snowing in Chicagoland...again. We may have had some Spring teasers lately but I knew better. It snows around Addie's birthday every year. I am actually looking at the snow as a blessing today. I had a million things to get done and if it happened to be a 55 degree sunny day, I would have had to scratch my to-do list to be outside with the kids. Luckily, Super Dad was here to entertain them while I got busy on my last-minute party prep.

First up today...Making 40 Chocolate Chip cupcakes...

Obviously, that new frosting technique I wanted to try from Martha Stewart didn't work out. I love to make cupcakes and decorate them but I am not patient. That is really a problem if you want professional looking cupcakes. But who am I kidding...I am no professional. These are homemade, they look homemade, and they TASTE homemade! That's really all that matters anyway right? That they taste good? Well after having one or two (or three) of these, I can promise you that they are DE-licious!

Decorating them was actually a lot of fun. I wanted the cupcakes to be black & white polka dot to match Addie's party theme but when I came up empty handed with any chocolate sprinkles that looked the way I wanted them too, I found mini chocolate chips. BINGO! I think they are perfect with the vanilla whipped frosting and milk chocolate cupcake. Addie was able to help me sprinkle them on top since they didn't have to be perfect. She was so proud and I am sure she will tell EVERYONE tomorrow that she made them :-)

If you remember, I made cupcakes for Addie's bouncy house party last year and in order to get all of them there safely, I purchased two cupcake caddy's. These things have gotten SO much use and if you don't own one, I highly recommend picking one up.

After I was done with the cupcakes today, I started on the treats for Addie's ballerina buddies, since Monday is her actual birthday and we will be at dance class. I asked her what she wanted to give the girls and she said, "Wice Crispy Treats"! I have become a very big fan of Rice Crispy cut-outs because they are easy to make and fun to decorate. I have been buying little plastic treat bags in bulk at Target and they are the perfect size for a little treat like this. I also found some really cute spring ribbon in the Dollar Bin to spice up the bags.

Just look how simple these are. You just cut out your crispy treats (we used a flower this time), shake on a few sprinkles, throw them in a treat bag and tie it with a cute ribbon. Voila!

Now...speaking of cute treat bags, I simply can't wait any longer to show you the bags my mom made for Addie's party. These were all HER idea. I was tyring to come up with something ballerina-themed but I was totally drawing a blank. Then she came across some adorable ballerina fabric at Joanne's and asked if I trusted her to make something cute. Um...OF COURSE! She never lets me down.

So a week later, she delivered these...

She made each kid a "dance class" bag!! They are just big enough to hold a pair of dance shoes and a few other necessities. I thought this was PERFECT considering almost every little girl coming to the party is in ballet right now. We do have a few boys coming, so she made them "book bags" out of Disney's Cars fabric. She is just unbelievable.

Even though the bags are cute enough on their own, I still wanted to fill them with a little something for the party. I found some Angelina Ballerina books in the bargain book section of Barnes and Noble, as well as some ribbon wands from the clearance isle in Target.

Don't worry...the boys didn't get ribbon wands or ballerina books. They got Sesame Street and punching balloons :-)

I am SO EXCITED to give these to the kids tomorrow. I think they are all going to love them. Thanks so much for making these are the best party planner and favor maker EVER!

Well that's all I have for today friends! I've been pretty productive so I think I have earned myself a little break :-) It's going to be a lazy night so that the kids can be good and rested for the party tomorrow!! Woohoo!

P.S. If you are in the mood to reminisce, go through my archives in March 2009 and 2010 to read about Addie's birth story, her first birthday AND her second birthday! My baby girl is growing way too fast :-(


  1. Oh my gosh!! Such cuteness!! The cupcakes look amazing & so do the rice krispie treats. Those goodie bags are a fantastic idea. Wow!!

  2. Thanks Honey. I had fun making the bags and love being able to help! I'm really looking forward to Addie's party tomorrow! She really is such a big girl!

  3. That fantastic! realy! these website is way better then everything I ever saw.

  4. You and your mom have to get your business started asap...the decorations are fantastic!!!

  5. Way to go party planning Jen! I swear I wish I was a kid again, so I could get one of those cute crispie treats and the ballerina bag with book and ribbon wand! Also, your cupcakes look fabulous...they do have that swirly top like professional one, and best yet, Addie got to decorate them with you! Hope the party goes splendidly...can't wait to see pics of your adorable ballerina in her customized tutu!

  6. This looks so cute :) The cupcakes are darling and LOVE the ballerina theme and favor bags . . .wish I was three again!


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