Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Princess, A Bear & A Pretty Sweet Chair

Addie's birthday celebration is officially underway! My dear friend Marie came by today to give Addie her very first birthday gift. Can you tell she is excited?

Marie is a pretty fantastic gift giver, especially since she loves Disney as much as the kids :-) She gave Addie this precious Tinkerbell card...

I am actually a little shocked she even took time to open the card, considering how much my girl loves to tear through presents...

Marie got her an adorable Minnie Plush Doll...

And the Princess Belle COSTUME!!! Isn't it gorgeous?!!

Marie knew that Addie would need a special princess dress to bring to Disney World this year so she bought her the cutest dress in the store. As you can see...she was one happy princess :)

And Addie wasn't the only one getting love today. Marie has been waiting to give Blake his belated birthday gift in person so today he got to open his own gift! He isn't as intense as his sister...

But he was just as excited about his Camo Build-a-Bear in a WHITE SOX uniform!!! Daddy thought this was the coolest teddy bear ever....

And I agree. "Jerry the Bearry" is pretty damn cute :-)

Thank you SO MUCH for spoiling my kids (once again) Auntie Marie! We all love you to pieces!!

After our great visit today, the kids and I decided to take Papa his dinner. I know some of you have been asking for an update and so far everything is looking great. We won't know for a while how much of his vision will come back, but the doctor was happy with his progress so far and that makes us all VERY happy. But he still needs to follow his recovery plan and look down for the next 6 days. To help him with this process, my mom rented him this sweet chair...

I helped him rig his laptop tonight so that he can actually do something while he sits there. I think looking at the carpet would get old preeeeeetty quick. But I have to be honest...that chair was really comfortable! Maybe we should keep it and then hire a Masseuse to go with it :-)


  1. Aww Jen! It was absolutely amazing seeing you and the kids and Howard of course :). It was an absolute wonderful day for me as well!! Love you!!

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