Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Swing Sets & Sandboxes

With Spring just DAYS away, I can't help but daydream about swing sets. I wanted to get one for Addie last year but with Blake being so small, I thought we could wait one more year. Plus, I also needed another year to convince Eric that we needed one. My biggest arguments are that we don't have a park within walking distance AND I stay home with them all day every day and some new outdoor fun is definitely in order. After some convincing and help from the other men in his life that recently put in swing sets...I think I have him on board :-)

And now the fun part begins...finding the perfect swing set! I have never gone in search of something like this before and I was blown away by all the amazingly cute sets they have for kids these days. This one is from Toys R Us and I think it is AWESOME!!!

But it's a little pricey and we definitely don't need all that, especially since my Dad still wants to build Addie this playhouse....

All I really want is something sturdy and easy to climb with a slide and some swings. Does anyone have a set they really love? Where did you get it? I would love some advice, especially from people who's kids have actually been using it.

Now, the other thing I have wanted for our backyard for a while now is a sandbox. Eric has flat out refused to put one in because they are such a mess. I just kept saying, "Babe...how messy could they really be?"

Well, we were at Miss Audrey's birthday party Sunday and after these two cake hounds finished their dessert...

We headed out to the garage to check out Audrey's new (HUGE) sand table!

All the kids had a blast playing with it...even Blake and Cole.

I thought okay...we need a sandbox. These kids are going crazy for this! But after about 20 minutes, there was more sand on the floor than there was in the table. The kids were covered, Blake and Cole had eaten about a pound of it, and it was tracked ALL THROUGH Katie's house.

When we got home, we dumped about an inch of sand out of Addie's boots and I found sand stuck in Blake's hair. Eric just looked at me with a grin on his face. He knew he had won that battle :-)

So no sandbox for us this year. Maybe a very SMALL sand and water table...but that's it. And the swing set. And the playhouse. Gosh...are these kids spoiled or what? Is anyone else as excited for Spring as I am?!!!


  1. I can't wait for a new swingset in your backyard. It will be perfect to keep the kids occupied. I loved the one you kids had when you were little and it had just enough!! It was worth it's weight in gold! Yours will be too! So glad Eric is on board!

  2. We have the SKYFORT from Sams Club. It has been up for a couple months. Took about two weeks to put together. Our 2 year old loves it. Our 13 month old is growing into it:) He is still a little young. We added a toddler swing for him and it is a hit. We are sooo ready for summer!

  3. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! Umm...I would LIVE in either that playhouse or the swingset with the playhouse!!

  4. Go ahead and spoil them! :) I want to live vicariously (because I'm childless and broke-LOL) through your kids!


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