Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updates From The Davis Household

I realize I have been asking for a lot of prayers and advice lately, so I thought it might be nice to update everyone on a few things that have been going on in the Davis household!

* This isn't that important, but I thought I should let you all know that Red Riding Hood was a great movie. Honestly...I really enjoyed it! How can you not love romance, action and werewolves? It's obvious that reviewers are either too harsh, or I just have terrible taste in movies. But either way, I thought it was really good and I would totally watch it again when it comes out on DVD :-) Thanks for the great girls night Di! Love ya!

* Thanks for all your prayers for Mr. Howard! His surgery is scheduled for next Thursday and it can't come soon enough. This little bigger is getting pretty sick of running on 3 legs :-)

* And speaking of health issues, I wanted to let you all know that my Daddy-O is getting his vision back!!! Not all at once, but we are making progress daily. The natural progression was for him to start seeing colors, then shapes, then peripheral vision, then full vision (if we are so lucky). After only about 3-4 weeks of healing, he is already getting his peripheral vision back!! Another 4 weeks and we are hoping all is back to normal for him. Thank you for thinking of him...prayers obviously work my friends :-)

* And on a lighter note, we finally decided on a swingset! My SIL Dana was shopping at Sams Club not too long ago and came across this Adventures Playset and it was just what we were looking for! And in comparison to everything else I've looked at the, the price is unbeatable!!!!

We are ordering this bad boy in the next few days and I can't wait!!!!

Well I guess that is all I have for today friends! I've got class tonight and my students turned in quite a disappointing set of papers, so I have some tweaking to do on my lesson plan. Note to not assign an essay over Spring Break again :-)

I hope you all have a great hump day!


  1. I'm sure Mr. Howard will be ready to regain his fourth leg!! He's still pretty fast on three!! Also, love the swingset. Can't wait for the kiddies to have a fun place to play.

  2. I thought the movie was good too! And who doesn't like cute boys?

    What's the weight limit on the swing set??? Oh to be a kid again!

  3. I can now see the tops of telephone pole, not all clear yet,but it's a start. thanks Jen, and to all your friends,prayers to help!!


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