Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doing Some Baking and Getting Crafty

It was another gloomy day today so Addie and I decided to do a little baking. She likes any excuse to play with sprinkles and I like any excuse to make (and eat) cookies. We are a match made in heaven :-)

Like any good baker, Addie couldn't begin without her trusty apron. Once it was on, it was time to break out the sprinkles. We have a LOT of sprinkles in this house (thanks to Aunt Diana) so we chose our favorite colors of the day. The winning picks? Pink, orange and blue. So random.

Actually, I thought the colors were pretty random at first but as she started dipping the dough...

I realized they kind of looked like mini Easter eggs!

When I told Addie that her cookies looked like Easter eggs she asked if she could leave them all for the Easter bunny tonight. I had to explain that the bunny isn't coming yet, but she could give them to her friends. It just so happens that my cousin Kris is bringing her troop over tomorrow for a playdate so Gracie, Evie and Presley will have a little treat waiting for them :-)

While the cookies were baking, Addie posed in her little Easter apron for me. Aunt Dana got this for her a few years ago and she is just now growing into it. She is such a string bean :-) Please disregard the nightgown by the was a PJ kind of day around here.

So where was Blake while all this baking was going on? Oh you know...he was just banging around on some bowls waiting for his cookie to come out of the oven.

And when they came out, the vulchers were swarming. Even my little three-legged-wonder Howie was there looking for crumbs. I can't blame them...they looked delicious!

Now, I know it would be simple enough to just bake these cookies and give them to the kids in plastic baggies, but that's just not how I roll. You know how I feel about my Target treat bags and now that I have learned how to make punchable tags, I just couldn't resist tying one on. Look how cute?

And do all this is super easy if you just keep a few supplies on hand. For starters, get yourself some clear treat bags like these...

Stock up on some ribbon by hitting Target Dollar bins, the clearance section or your favorite craft store, or better yet...recycle used ribbon! I always keep the ribbon from opened packages and gifts because it gives you a nice variety for little projects like this!

Now, there are tons of ways to make cute, inexpensive gift or treat tags. You can use scrapbook paper (even the scraps leftover from a project), old cards that you can cut up and reuse (my Aunt Kathy taught me that one), or you can learn to make your own printable tags. Now that I have my new scrabooking software, I can make a cute tag for any occasion. I have yet to put together a tutorial of my own on how to do this, but I did find a really good tutorial from The Mother Huddle. She uses a program called Picnik which you can actually access from Picasa. Her instructions are great so you should really check it out if you are interested in making your own.

BUT...since tag making can be quite time consuming if you have never done it before, I thought I would share my cute tag with all of you in case you want to use it. Consider it a little Easter gift from me to you :-) Just click hereto download my file and print it at home.

All you need is some white cardstock and a 2.5 inch scallop punch. You can find these punches at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and pretty much any store with a craft section. They are great to have on hand for little projects like this. Then all you need to do is print your tag and punch like this...

Then grab your ribbon and tie them to your bag! See...easy peasy!

I have really become addicted to making these punchable tags and I have SO MANY awesome ideas for our business. In fact, my mom and I have both been cranking out all kinds of fun stuff. Now if there could just be an extra 3 hours a day...we would have this business up and running in no time. Ha!

Well that's all I have for today folks! Another busy weekend ahead but I will be sure to update about my race on Sunday night. You know...if I can even move :-)


  1. What is it about baking that makes gloomy days so cheery? So fun!!

  2. Aahhh!! I love the tags!! What software do you use?! I want to make something like that for Ryleighs birthday! Love how creative you are!!


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