Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Bunny Drama

There was a small part of me that didn't even want to tackle seeing the Easter Bunny this year, considering my kids don't have a great track record with mall character visits. But Addie was really excited to see him and I figured that we would give it a go. So my mom and I took the kids to the mall on Friday.

I thought I had everything timed perfectly. We would leave so that Blake could nap in the car, then we could grab lunch and then see the bunny. He would be rested, fed and ready to go. BUT...the nap in the car never happened and because the line was already long, we thought we better see the bunny first. BAD. IDEA.

A tired, hungry toddler waiting in line for 20 minutes is just about the most pathetic thing you can witness. He was crying, throwing himself on the ground, ripping plastic flowers out of the Easter display and taking swings at his sister (who was trying really hard to make him happy). He was just a hot freaking mess. But we had already waited in line that whole time and I didn't want Addie to miss her chance to see the bunny. So I just jumped in the picture with her and left the hot mess with my mom...

After we got Blake fed and asleep in his stroller, we walked around the mall for a while. I started feeling SUPER guilty about not having a picture of Blake with the bunny. I know it isn't a big deal and I am sure I would have gotten over it eventually, but when we saw that there was no line for the bunny after lunch, I decided to give it one more go. And this is how it went...

Oh least I have a picture with both kids...even if I had to be in it with them. Ha! Thank goodness we still have another 8 months before Santa arrives :-)

Anyone else have any Easter Bunny drama?


  1. Those pictures just aren't the same without a crying kid! Therefore...I love it! :)

  2. We saw the Easter Bunny today at our church's easter egg hunt and our 5 year old hid behind me and our 1 year old took one look at that bunny and burst into tears. I did not get a picture though b/c she was freaking out. My son did say, "Mommy when I am 6 I'll have my picture with the Easter Bunny."

  3. I am not even attempting it this year! I noticed your blog picture and it made me come to your site. Your kids are about the same ages as mine. My boy is a little younger, but our girls are the same. I know you are busy, busy, busy!!! Very impressed you got a sweet bunny picuture!

  4. Di - Ill print you a copy of that pic for your fridge :)

    Marie - least you have confirmation that at 6 years old you will finally get a good picture. Ha!

    Mara - Thanks for stopping by! "Busy" doesn't even cut it these days, as I am sure you understand allllll too well :-)


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