Friday, April 15, 2011

Eco-Friendly Friday: Make a Difference This Earth Day

Well hey there eco-friendly friends! Sorry it's been so long since my last installment! I haven't abandoned my position as a Ambassador, nor have I abandoned my resolution to continue to find new ways to go green. I've just been...busy. Busy with life and busy with my normal "green routine". But what better time of year to reassess your carbon footprint then on EARTH DAY!!!

Earth Day is right around the corner and I have some great stuff to share with you guys, courtesy of's awesome team. They have put together a brand new list on ways everyone can make a difference this Earth Day.

1. Carry a Reusable Bag
2. Pack as Waste-Free Lunch
3. Bring a bottle or mug
4. Ditch Paper Towels
5. Wrap Gifts in a Reusable Bag
6. Kick the Energy Drink Habit
7. Bag the Sandwich Baggie
8. Use Reusable Utensils
9. Replace Foil and Plastic Wrap
10. Ditch the Dryer Sheets

Replacing these things is really SO SIMPLE!! I have done countless posts on my love for reusable shopping bags, bottles, paper towels and sandwich and snack bags, but I am not sure I have ever talked about cutting down on plastic wrap and foil!! So today, I thought about how many times I have used these things in the past week. I used plastic wrap to cover a few plates of leftovers, to wrap the half of the onion I didn't use and to cover a tray of brownies I made. That's actually a lot of plastic wrap in one week. And I am sure some weeks are worse than others around here. So that made me go in search of some ways to save on plastic wrap and I found some great items.

There is a new company I am kind of in love with right now; Progressive International. They have a lot of great products that not only store your food, but also keep it fresher longer. They have an Onion Keeper, a Bread Box Preserver, a Fresh Herb Keeper, and my favorite product of all...

You save on plastic wrap and baggies...which will also save you money...which will also save the planet! I'd say that's a win, win, WIN in my book :-) has SO many great new items right now, I already have a fortune in my shopping cart. A lot of these items I got from their Top 10 Picks for Earth Day list that you can view here.

Remember...Earth Day may just be one day a year, but the changes we make will make a difference for years to come. So...what changes do you plan to make this Earth Day?

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