Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Grams & Auntie Mawie

Even though the Easter Bunny isn't scheduled to arrive until next weekend, a lot of Easter baskets have been making their way to our house. First, Great Grams showed up on Wednesday with a TON of treats for the kids.

Addie made sure to show her appreciation.

I just adore my Grams so much. It amazes me how she can chase these two little kids around and get up and down from the ground with them. I even offered to help her up and she just laughed at me and got up herself.

And speaking of laughing, she really had these kids cracking up yesterday...

(disregard Blake's drool covered shirt. He is cutting molars :-)

I've come to cherish these visits with my Grams more than ever lately. My friend Mandy just lost her Grandma B this week and it is just another reminder that we never know how much time we have with our loved ones. No matter how much time we have, I am so thankful that my Grams has such a great relationship with my kiddies and me. I love her to pieces.

After Gram's visit, we were in need of some serious sugar detox. I suppose I should have started last night, but I knew another "Easter Bunny" would arrive today. And she did :-)

My dear, sweet Marie came over today to celebrate her birthday!! Addie wrapped her a special present...

And then helped her unwrap it of course...

The whole point of today's visit was to celebrate Marie's birthday, but in true "Marie fashion", she arrived with gifts for the kids and I. She claims the Easter Bunny dropped them off but I beg to differ :-)

Addie dug into her basket first...

And Blake just looked at his in amazement first. He had never seen a camo Easter basket before...

But when he heard there was candy inside those eggs...he dug in too.

Once again, Addie showed her appreciation and gave Auntie Mawie a great BIG hug.

I had to give her a hug too because she brought me two of my most favorite things...chocolate and school supplies. She knows me too well :-)

Thanks again for the fabulous visit today Marie! We hope you had a great birthday!! Love you bunches!

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