Monday, April 18, 2011

If Only Money Grew on Trees

I don't know about you, but it seems that whenever Eric and I get even the slightest bit ahead with money (like around tax season for example), a million different things come at us all at once. One minute you think you're rich (well...perhaps "not poor" is more accurate), and then the next minute you are digging for change in your couch cushions. Haha! This is one of those months for us. I feel like we have been hit HARD and the month isn't even over with!

But before I get all negative, some of this spending has been quite exciting. Just today, we found airline tickets for $92 each way for our trip to DISNEY!! From what others are telling me, this is an awesome deal! I don't know if the rumors are true that tickets are going to sky rocket this summer, but I know that even 5 years ago when I had the means to travel, $92 was a great price. Plus, we were able to pick great seats and leave at the times we wanted to. I guess you really can't go wrong there. So as much as it HURT to buy those tickets, I am happy that it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. Look out we come!

But in not-so-exciting news, it turns out that this little bugger is going to have to have ANOTHER surgery :-(

The good news is that Howie's ACL surgery went great and he is recovering really well. He has already been putting weight on his leg and just today he tried to hump me (which means he is in good sprits). But...on Saturday morning, just before leaving to take Howie to get his stitches out, I noticed he had blood in his urine. This happened about a year ago and the vet did a urine culture and everything came back fine. Well, when I mentioned it to Howie's new vet, he asked if anyone had ever taken x-rays for bladder stones. Obviously, no one had so when the doc took Howie back to the x-ray room, I knew he was going to have a stone. And he did...FOUR of them to be exact.

So what do you do with bladder stones? Well...with doggies, you can't just let them ride out their stones like humans. If one of theirs gets trapped, it could cause some serious problems...or the only way to fix it is?? You guessed it. SURGERY. AGAIN. More money we didn't plan for this month. I know it isn't Howie's fault and I know there was nothing we could do to prevent it. But sadly, Howie is going to have to go under the knife again. Poor guy...he just can't catch a break!

Obviously, airline tickets and doggie surgeries are the biggest culprits to our rough money month, but when you add in broken dryers, medical bills, drained car batteries, makes you go into lock-down mode with your money. I watched some of the Extreme Couponing show last week and as inspiring as it is to watch someone save that kind of money, I don't know if I have it in me! It seems like SO much work! Just the clipping and saving I do now is about a 30 minute process before I go to the store...I can't imagine doing all that sale ad research and coupon scamming. BUT...I would love to save money like that. Does anyone have any great couponing sites they visit on a regular basis? Any sites that make it super EASY to do this each week? I already do pretty well with baby/kid items (thanks to but I could use some help with groceries. Any advice our inspiration would be much appreciated.

Now...time to get back to working on my blog sale. My closets are looking bare and I LOVE it!


  1. i do couponing....not to that CRAZY extreme...but I go with about 60-70 coupons everytime I grocery shop. I use however Im not sure how it will work for you since its for Florida...if you have a Publix then it ahould work great. I have hanging file folders that I keep in a bin...each Sunday I get 2 newspapers (they recommend 4) all i do is get the papers....grab all the coupon inserts out and file it in its sunday date. Then when I wanna shop I go to that website under Publix and it has the sales ad and what coupons you can use with all the will say 4/2 rp (meaning sunday 4/2 in the red plum insert) then I pull that and look for the coupon and clip. So it makes it super simple and I always save atleast what I I have spent 62 and saved it is worth it if you can use that site...or find a similar one :0)some tips...
    you can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together...Publix lets you use coupons on free items if there is a Buy one get one then you can use 2 manufacturer coupons and 2 store coupons...and publix takes competitor coupons so you can print out target ones and use there.
    if you have any questions let me my area they have a "couponing class" ...super neat and I learned tons!

  2. I totally feel your pain. April is always that month for us where bills are crazy. is great. There is also a blog which is great! Not sure if you have Super Target but you can go on their site and print out coupons. Target let's you combine store and manufacturers coupons which can lead to great deals!

  3. I think Murphy should be shot! His laws suck!

    Poor Howard :( Well, at least you hit pay dirt on the tickets!

  4. Couponing has become a bit of a game for me - to see how much I can save. I don't go anywhere near the extreme since it is SO time consuming. I do what I can though - I am what you would call a "lazy couponer." I rely heavily on and Both give you the best deals at each of the major stores along with printable coupons. Dealseeking mom has a coupon database where you can enter any item and if there are coupons available they will pop up. The website is also very similar to what Ashley mentioned. I try to do as much shopping as I can at Target so that I can double up on the coupons - we also have BJ's wholesale (like Sam's or Costco) that also lets you use store and manufacturer's coupon.
    Also - I always check for any coupon codes before buying anything online.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Ugh. Thinking about money stresses me out to the max!

    But it's really exciting that you found airline tickets for SO cheap! Lucky!! I just spent $630 on airline tickets to our cruise in September... and I felt exhausted by the thought of parting with that much money. Oh well! Such is life!

    Lady I am SO excited for your blog sale!!!!


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