Thursday, April 28, 2011

It Makes You Wonder...

There's been a lot of talk about the End of the World lately. We have the Mayans claiming the end is coming in 2012, while Herald Camping and the followers of Family Christian Radio claim that the end is coming in less than a month (May 21st to be exact). You may have seen the billboards.

I am sure many of you are rolling your eyes as you read this. And it's easy to mock those who believe they know when the world is going to end. We can make jokes about psychics, try to disprove the Mayans, and even snicker at the countdown clock on Family Christian Radio's website. But do any of us really know? How can we deny that this might actually come to pass? Whether or not you believe in's hard to look at all the destruction and devastation taking place around the world right now and not wonder if our clock is running out.

When you look at aftermath pictures from Japan's earthquakes, or even pictures of the tornadoes that ripped through the South yesterday...

It's easy to see how powerless we all are in this world. And aside from all the natural disasters lately, what about all the other random events taking place? Birds falling from the sky, herds of cows dying with no explanation, millions of fish floating up dead on the coast. Is this all just coincidence, or is it a sign? I try not too think too hard about this because it is way too depressing. But I just have to anyone else questioning their beliefs? I was always taught that only God the Father knows when the end is coming and we should take peace in that. I personally think ignorance is bliss but it's hard to live in ignorance when there are so many neon signs flashing around the world.

I know this is WAAAAYYYY to deep of a post for a Thursday, so how about I lighten it up a bit. If the end really is coming, how do you want to spend the time you have left? I know that spending time with friends and family is a given, but if there is one other thing you would like to do...what would it be? Personally...I would switch my super cheap plane tickets and head to Florida tomorrow because come hell or high family is GOING TO DISNEY this year!! Just sayin...

But all kidding aside, I hope we can take a moment of silence for all the people affected by the devastation last night. Many people are deeply hurting today and we should say a prayer for them and thank God for all the blessings we have.

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  1. Stay strong to your faith. Believe that God knows all, (I mean it is better that way. I do NOT want to know what He knows!) and that these people that try to insight fear are winning by every doubt you have. I think the days that are predicted are for SURE days that it will not happen since God DID say, "No one knows the day or hour."

    But in answer to the second part, I would for SURE LOVE to spend the rest of my days in Disney with my family! I LOVED IT. We need to get together, I have some tips for you!! (I mean, if you wanna hear them.) <3


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