Monday, April 4, 2011

Like a Sister

I often wonder what it would have been like to have a sister growing up. I have lots of friends who are very close with their sisters and I sometimes envy their relationships. Now don't get me wrong, I love my brothers and I am very grateful for them. But the relationship between a brother and sister is just...different. We never had heart-to-heart conversations, or cried on each other's shoulders, or went shopping together, or shared clothes, etc. Sure...I may have forced them to play Barbies a time or two and I may have even put make-up on one (or both) of them. But when I really needed a "sister" in my life, I turned to my cousins and my friends.

I am pretty blessed to have a TON of wonderful cousins and friends who willingly filled that sister void when I needed it. I still have these same ladies to turn to today, in addition to two fabulous sister-in-laws. Like I said...I'm blessed.

And as it turns little Addie is pretty blessed too. She may not have a sister by blood, but she certainly has the closest thing to it. Nia is, without a doubt, her "bestest friend in the whole wide world".

It is just so sweet watching these two together these days. I love listening to their conversations. Today, while playing PlayDoh, Nia said to Addie, "Man...I'm suuuuuure hungry!" to which Addie replied, "How 'bout I make you a pizza? And then you can make me peas. Think that might be a deal?"

Peas? I can't get this child to eat peas to save my life most days, but that's the food she wants Nia to make? So random.

And then later, when the girls were coloring on the dry erase board (which use to be my weekly meal planner board. Ha!) Nia said, "Aunt Jen...can I come over tomorrow too?" Before I could say anything, Addie replied, "You can live in my room with me Nia. I have a sleeping bag".

There isn't a doubt in my mind that these two little chics will be "running away" to each other's houses when they are older. That's the great thing about being have a place to escape if you need too :-)

Having Nia one Monday a month has been one of the best things Dana and I ever decided. The girls entertain each other ALL day and even though naptime is non-existent for them when they are together, it gives me a chance to play with them while Blake sleeps. Today we played "grocery store" for a good hour and I have to was fun! I was actually sad when the two of them were over it. Ha!

I know Addie will grow up wondering the same thing as I did about not having a sister, especially when Blake won't listen to her boyfriend problems, but that's why I am so very grateful that Nia is in our lives because Addie will never feel a void :-) These girls are going to be best friends forever.


  1. I loved being super close with my cousin! We were not the only girls but we were the closest in age and our parents were closest, kind of similar to you & Dana. I have tons of memories of her & I spending vacations and summers together.

    Unfortunately, the shit hit the fan over a year ago and I've never met her son & don't see a reconsiliation in our future. But even after all of that... I still love my memories with her. We were close and had tons of fun! That's what matters! :)

    This is what makes me saddest about my situation right now. I want my kids to be close to their cousins. SO badly! Obviously one of their cousins is OUT as far as a life long companion goes and I just keep seeing time slipping away.

    Ok, sorry didn't mean to get all emo on you here! Ha! But cousin love is great! :)

  2. Jen- What a sweet post. It funny, even with having a brother for the moment Zach still favors playing with Jack. I think they may always be thick as theives which makes me really glad for Jack since I know he will never have a brother of his own. Maybe one day Matt, Zach and Jack will be the Three Musketeers. If that happens..maybe I can convince DH to try for a 3rd, just so that Emma has someone to play with too! :) Of course you know it may end up being "my three sons" instead of a girl cousin for Emma. Someday...maybe! Maybe one day you will change your mind too...there was that post a few weeks ago...maybe a sister for Addie is not quite such an impossibility?


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