Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking Forward to Summer...

The 80 degree weather we had this weekend has really got me looking forward to summer. I don't want to rush Spring, but the up and down of these temperatures gets a little hard to take, especially when you tease a bunch of kids (and adults) with beautiful weather and then follow up with a chance of SNOW! Boo! So here is what I am looking forward to most...


My kids are definitely happier when they are outdoors. There's no question about it. I think they are just over being cooped up in the house and so am I :-) I look forward to days on our new swingset, swimming in Nana and Papa's pool, meeting Nia and Nolan at the park and splashing in our water table (among many other things)...


There are so many people that I keep trying to set up playdates with (I'm talking about you Kate Ross) but because a lot of the ladies in my life work, it's hard to get together. My cousin Kris and I have been trying to get together since CHRISTMAS and we finally made it happen this weekend. My pictures all turned out terrible (I only had my iPhone on hand) so I am going to direct you over to her blog for our little playdate recap. But what I can tell you is that she has the best kids ever and Addie and Blake had so much fun playing with Gracie, Evie and Presley. Thank goodness my cousin Kris is a teacher too so that she has her whole summer off. I see a lot of fun playdates in these kid's futures.


I've been a little bummed today thinking about my race yesterday. I know I should be happy I participated in an 8K and actually finished, but I just don't have the feeling of accomplishment that I had with my other two races. I feel like one of those kids who doesn't study for a test and then acts surprised when they get a D. I know I'm better than that and I guess I am just upset with myself for working SO hard last summer and then just letting it all go. So I really need to get motivated again and take advantage of the beautiful weather and longer days this summer. I am going to reread some of my running books and I just subscribed to Women's Running magazine. Also, my SIL Dana and Joe and I decided to start our own little "Running Club" and hopefully that will keep me motivated too. I need all the help I can get to be back on track by summer :-)


I am really, REALLY looking forward to some summer reading. School will be out and I will have no other reading obligations to take up my time and energy. The first book I would really like to read this summer is The Help. A lot of friends have read this book recently and thought it was great. Of course I also have some young adult fiction on my list too, but I think you are all tired of reading about that obsession. Ha! Plus...I miss my Nook. I haven't picked it up in a while and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with it.


I love going to the movies, no matter the time of year. But there are two movies I am very excited for this summer. The first is Something Borrowed which is based off the Emily Giffen book I rave about all the time. I love Kate Hudson and I am excited to see her as Darcy.

And of course, I am DYING for the last installment of Harry Potter. Not gonna lie...I may cry at the end of this one. I have been in love with these books and movies for years and it will be sad to see them come to an end. It will seem strange without a new Harry Potter movie or book on the horizon.

And finally...


I decided recently, for the sake of my sanity (and friendships), I need to have more girls nights out here and there. Yes...I would also like to have some date nights with my husband and I'll make time for those too. But I just find it so enjoyable to get out with my girlfriends and share some laughs. We all call, text and e-mail each other as much as we can, but it's just not the same with kids screaming in the background. When we can actually all meet for some dinner or a cocktail, we can unwind and talk without being interrupted 20 times :-)

So...what are all of you looking forward to most this summer?


  1. All of the above...minus the running part. I will substitute that with walking. I ordered my new Skechers and once they arrive on Thursday I'm hitting the pavement! Since I've joined the "Lifetime" club in Weight Watchers, I want to keep it going!

  2. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read my name... I am done with school the Friday before Memorial day... get out the date books friends... let's book it. :-)


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