Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shamrock Shuffling

Today was the day! The Shamrock Shuffle 8K! You couldn't have picked a more gorgeous day to run a race, especially in April. Last year, people ran this race in hats and gloves. This year...we were all in t-shirts/tank tops and capris! It was wonderful :-)

I love this picture of Joe and Dana and I because Joe's face shows what we were all really feeling. Major race anxiety baby!

Luckily, this was an incredibly laid back race with tons of participants (40,000 to be exact) looking to have some fun. I think this guy might have had a little too much fun though. Ha!

Before I explain how the race went, let me make a little confession. I have never run 5 miles straight. Ever. Not once in my life. Even when I was in my best running shape at the end of summer last year, I could only run about 4 miles on my best day. And then I took that very looooooong break through the holidays and the beginning of the year and well...I never got my mojo back.

But Dana and I were still convinced we were going to magically run this whole race. We were determined. And I am really glad we went in with that attitude because I think that was the only thing that encouraged me to keep going, even in the moments where I contemplated jumping ship and heading to Nordstroms while everyone else finished.

The good news though is that I did finish!! I came out strong those first 3 miles but I would be lying if I didn't say those last 2 were freaking brutal. I took my time walking through the water stops and I walked up the two big bridges on the course but other than that, I jogged my little heart out. And it hurt. BAD! But again...I FINISHED! I finished my first 8K and that is something I am very proud of. My cousin Suzy posted on my Facebook page today that it isn't about who wins a race or who runs the's about achieving personal goals and HAVING FUN!! And she is so right :-) Dana and Joe and I definitely had fun today and we celebrated our success with a nice cold beer at the end.

I'm glad we took this picture while we were happy and still feeling good from our finish because the combination of sunburn, overexertion and car sickness (thanks to Eric's stellar driving)...I have been in misery all afternoon. I'm also pretty sure my legs are going to fall off tonight so I better get the Motrin ready!! But I learned a few important lessons today:

* Running only a handful of times in the months leading up to a big race is not proper training. Just in case anyone was wondering.

* Walking during water stops doesn't really count. I don't want to spill it all over your shirt right?

* Just because it is April doesn't mean you can't get sunburn. WEAR SUNSCREEN for crying out loud.

Lessons learned :-)

Well I hope everyone else enjoyed this beautiful Sunday! It was actually a fantastic weekend overall, and I promise to post a few cute pics of my Saturday playdate with my cousin Kris and her kiddos. They are too cute :-)

*Just a side note, I want to give a BIG thanks to my mamacita for watching my babies today!! You're the best!!!*


  1. We had a fabulous day today. Two walks through the neighborhood, a trip to the park and a fun time in the backyard with the water table. They were awesome!!! I love those babies!! And I didn't run an 8K today but my old body is hurting tonight from my activities with the kiddies!!!!

  2. Jen- I just wanted to Congratulate you! What an amazing accomplishment! I am so proud of you for seeing it through to the end, and even more proud of you for drinking at the end of it! :) Hope you can walk tomorrow!

  3. SO awesome!! Congratulations! Such a big accomplishment! :) I've never run that far in a race!


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