Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Babies and A Recital Costume Fitting

Babies, Babies, Babies! There has been so much exciting baby news floating around these past few days I can hardly stand it!!! Lots of gender ultrasounds taking place and it looks like my BFF Tiffany is having her second girl and my cyber buddy Ann Marie is having a boy (she already has a beautiful little girl at home)!!!! Woohoo! So happy for both of them!

And in new baby news, my other cyber buddy Heather from Life with the Walkers just found out they are pregnant with their THIRD baby!! Congrats honey!

And speaking of third babies, my real life BFF Mandy from House of Rose gave birth to BEAUTIFUL baby Sloane yesterday!!!

Poor Sloane had to spend some time in the NICU yesterday but I am happy to report that he is happy and healthy and in his Momma's arms today!!! Congrats again Rose family! We love you guys and can't wait to see ALL your boys soon :-)

I was hoping to be able to post another cute baby picture today, since I took an ADORABLE shot of my kiddos with my friend Bre's little guy Breckin. We had the best playdate today and the kids were so stinkin cute together! But sadly, my camera is not uploading so I will have to add that picture later. Thanks for a great playdate Bre! Your little man is just precious!!!!!!

And finally, I have another cutie update. The girls got to try on their recital costumes at dance yesterday and I was able to take a quick pic of Nia and Addie before the costume lady took them back for steaming and pressing. I mean really...how cute are these girls??!!!

Their recital is in a few short weeks and I am just dying to see them all on stage with their little costumes. So cute!!!!

Well that's all I have for today friends! We have a busy week ahead of us as we prepare for my SIL Meagan's baby shower. But I will do my best to hop on and post as much as I can.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

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  1. Congrats to all the families!

    Those costumes are darn cute too!


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