Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Shower Marathon!

It was a girl's weekend for Addie and I and we had SO MUCH FUN!!!! Aunt Meagan had both of her showers this weekend and we made it through both without a single tantrum or breakdown. Addie was such a good girl...I couldn't be prouder of her :-)

We started the weekend at Aunt Meagan's first shower, thrown by her mom and sister. They did an incredible job and had the cutest decorations. I wish we would have snapped a few pictures, but the only decor we managed to get on film was baby Owen's GORGEOUS nursery! This was the first time I had seen it and it was honestly cuter than I imagined!! Not that I expected anything less. There were a lot of talented people contributing to this nursery, including my bro :-)

Meagan came up with the cutest idea to put a three dimensional train track around the room using bias tape and popsicle sticks. My mom made the bias tape, Meagan painted all the sticks and Ryan nailed each one up individually. Time consuming? I'm sure. Worth it? Absolutely!!! I mean...just look how cute it turned out!!!

Isn't it adorable?

Ryan didn't think the nursery was complete without an actual moving train so he installed a track around the ceiling. OH...and see these curtains that match the bedding perfectly?

Meagan's mom MADE these curtains by hand using the quilt as a guide!!! Like I said...lots of talented people contributing. The room is so adorable...I wish everyone could see it in person because the pictures just don't do it justice.

After admiring the nursery, there was a LOT of eating and chatting taking place.

Here is Meagan getting a little practice :-)

Addie was probably the one having the most fun at the shower. Uncle Ryan was there to play with her and entertain her and then when she got sleepy, she had Nana to cuddle with.

But she wasn't down long because there was PLAY-DOH to play with!!! Making Play-Doh babies was the cutest idea. I know Meagan's sister has a pic of the baby Addie made. It is quite hilarious (and a bit disturbing) so I will have to post a pic of that later :-)

Like I said, Meagan's first shower was so much fun! But the weekend wasn't over yet because we threw Meagan her second shower today!!

Here is their adorable cake...

Before all the guests arrived, we took a few cute pictures. Here I am with my sistas...

And here is my Mamacita and the Momma-to-be...

And here are the cute parents-to-be...

And of course, pictures aren't complete unless Addie can jump in too :-)

She really had a blast today doing all her favorite things. You know, things like socializing and opening gifts...

Eating cake...

And hanging with all her second cousins...

The girls were all so cute together today! It makes me think of all my cousins and I playing together at showers when we were younger.

It is now 3:00 and my kiddies are just waking up from their 3 hour nap!!!!!! I guess Daddy was able to wear Blake out as much as I wore Addie out this weekend. It was busy...but so much fun. Meagan and Ryan got SO much adorable stuff for baby Owen. Seeing all the little outfits almost makes me have baby fever.


I just can't wait for Owen to get here!!!!!!!!!! And I know Meagan can't either. She is severely swollen and uncomfortable and I pray that she finds some relief soon. Anyone have any tips or tricks for major pregnancy swelling? Any advice would be appreciated :-)

Well that's all I have for today friends! It's time for some serious relaxing so I'm going to put my PJs on at 3:30 and not feel weird about it :-) Hope you all had a great weekend too!!


  1. Too cute!!! Throwing showers is exhausting! But, SO worth it! However, the prep is mostly the hard part... So, rest up girlfriend! I'm sure Meagan & Ryan are thankful for the shower you threw!!!

  2. Wow! I did not realize they made the little train tracks like that! Move over Martha...Mommy Meagan rocks! Hopefully she is fast asleep now!

    Everyone did an awesome job from the room to the showers, it was a beautiful albeit packed weekend!

    Now we just need to get our hugs on the little guy!


  4. Baby showers are for girls...are you a girl????

  5. Haha... we have a Grandpa who ALWAYS feels left out over here! Grandpas get to do cool stuff like show them how to blow spit bubbles and fart! No baby showers with sissy games will beat that, Pops!!! LOL!

  6. Chelsi, you are hysterical!!! That is so true!

  7. Owen's room is amazing! You have many many talented family members! So cute!!

  8. oh wow, what a CUTE nursery! I love the details!

    Addie is getting so big and grown-up looking!


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