Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Cutest Landscaper Ever

Now that summer is FINALLY around the corner, Eric and I decided to call our landscaper...

He is by far the cutest landscaper you have ever seen :-)

But sadly, he only knows how to mow and we need a lot more work done this year. It's too bad too...he let us pay him in popsicles.

Now, our real landscaper has his work cut out for him this year. In addition to edging and laying some fresh mulch, we need some help with a few things that died this year.

My FAVORITE holly bush finally kicked the bucket and even though I will miss those pretty red berries in the winter, this spot needs something new. You know...something that won't look as appealing for these unwanted guests...

EWWWWWW!!!!!!!! My deceased holly bush is right outside my dining room window and when I walked over to open my drapes the other day I saw this family of snakes chilling in the sun. I STILL have the willies thinking about it. Luckily, Pops came to the rescue and transported them to a new home far, far away. Now I need to choose a bush that can live in almost constant shade and doesn't look like a condo. Any suggestions?

I am sorry to say that the holly bush was not the only thing that died in our yard this year. Remember that beautiful tree in our backyard that was struck by lightening last summer?

Well...things aren't looking good. There are several trees like it in the neighborhood and for a while they were all bare. But now the other trees are getting their buds and/or leaves and our tree is still totally naked. Is there a chance that the tree is just in shock? Do trees not bloom one year and then come back the next? Could it just be taking it's time? I am SO sad to see this tree go...I am just looking for some expert tree advice. Anyone have any? Or am I looking at a LOT of fire wood?

Even though I am sad about our losses this year, I am VERY excited about the addition of a new swing set to our yard!!!! We are hoping to have it installed by next week, as long as the rain lets up long enough. It's almost June so we seriously need to get a move on!! I'll post pics as soon as we make that happen :-)


  1. He is such a cutie. He is getting so much bigger than the last time I checked up on your blog! Caelyn has the same lawn mower, she loves it too.

  2. SIIIIIICKKKKKK!!!!! Ewwww, seriously. What kind of snakes ARE THOSE!?

    Freaking out. Ewww. I don't do snakes.

  3. Send that little landscaper our way! We could keep him busy for hours!

    The snakes -disgusting!!! Blaaaah! Even your bro runs like a girl! hehee

    Rhododendrons love shade and have the MOST beautiful flowers. I love, love, love them. Hydrangea too.

    Maybe we can look tomorrow and see if something trips your trigger!

  4. What a cutie. Can he do my yard??

    Eww snakes, I would have screamed like a little girl!

  5. Where did you get that lawn mower? It's adorable!!!

  6. Yes ladies...the snakes were SIIIICCCKKKK!!! And I did scream like a girl. Several times in a row. Ha!

    And Blake is for hire if you are looking :-)

    Lauren - The mower is Little Tikes. He got it from Santa but I am pretty sure Santa shops Amazon :-)

  7. How cute is that little Blake!? Let me know if he is as eager to mow when he is 15!


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