Monday, May 2, 2011

Kicking Off Mother's Day Week!

I don't know about you, but I think Mother's Day should actually be Mother's WEEK! I mean I think it's the least we can all do for the women who gave us life and still take care of us (even at 30-years-old). SO to kick off Mother's Day week around here, we all went to brunch on Sunday!

Technically, this was a Mother's Day, Belated Easter, Parents Anniversary, Eric's Birthday celebration :-) We all have such busy schedules lately, we thought it would be fun to go out for a VERY nice meal and celebrate everything at once. This is seriously the first time our whole family has been together since Christmas!! It was great :-)

The food at this place is incredible. There is no better brunch in the Chicagoland Area. This was Blake's first time at brunch (he was just a little peanut last year) and he really enjoyed his waffles and fruit!

And speaking of waffles, I promise there is an actual waffle under all that whip cream, chocolate, strawberries and sprinkles. Thanks for that Nana :-)

We invited my Grandma and her boyfriend Richard along with us, which made it an even MORE special Mother's Day. 3 generations of mothers all sitting around the same table :-)

And here is the greatest mother in THE ENTIRE WORLD (with the greatest father in the entire world...but that doesn't get caps because it isn't father's day yet :-)

And here is the beautiful mother-to-be!! I was hoping to sneak a pic of Meagan's baby bump but I somehow missed it. I am sure she appreciates that :-) You like how Addie snuck in their couple picture?

Aunt Diana and Uncle Adam were there too. Aunt Di has been working out of town for months and we have missed her!!! It was so great that they could make it.

After we were all stuffed, we decided to take a little break to make room for one more trip to the buffet. To pass the time, we took some pictures and opened gifts. Here I am with my two little babes. You like how Blake is already eating an ice cream cone? It was seriously the ONLY way he made it as long as he did at brunch. You gotta do whatcha gotta do...

And since Daddy was finally off work, we thought we better snap a quick family picture while we had the opportunity. It is so great when he is with us. I am so looking forward to summer when work slows down and we can be a family of 4 again :-) Love you babe!!!

It wasn't long before the troops started to get restless...

So we decided to open some gifts. Eric's cards were the best to read because EVERYONE likes to give him a good laugh. Aunt Di and Uncle Adam gave him a pretty funny card, as you can see...

And because Aunt Di was out of town for Addie's birthday, she got a little present too. Well, I shouldn't say little. Di and Adam got her a HUGE giftcard to take to Disney so we can visit the Bippity Boppity Boutique!!!!!! She is just going to LOVE that!! Oh, and she also got Addie her first John Deer shirt (so that she can wear it when she rides Uncle Adam's new tractor). It says, "Dirt Makes Me Cuter". Ha :-)

And of course, they never forget Mr. Blake. Adam found him a little tractor (that's a replica of the tractor he just bought) and Blake played with it all morning (and night). I think it's a hit Ado! Nice work :-)

I realized one thing about young children and must bring a LOT of entertainment if you want to last long enough to fill your plate more than once. We pumped Addie full of fruit and sugar so she was good, but when even Papa's cell phone wasn't fun enough for Blake anymore...we knew it was time to head out :-)

But not before taking just two more pictures. I wanted one with my grams...

And we all really wanted a family picture, since the last one was with us in our jammies at Christmas. Haha! All things considered, I think it turned out pretty cute...

We really had such a fun morning eating, talking and laughing. It's so hard to get us all together with our busy schedules but when we can make it's always a blast. We are all so blessed to have each other :-)

Happy Mother's Week everyone!!!


  1. It was a fabulous day! I love my Mother's Day gifts from all of you. Everyone is WAY too good to me! But I LOVE it!!

  2. EXCUSE ME!!! Where is this buffet?! I feel like it should be in my future... ALSO... I need the name of that ped. dentist.. I think it's time for Sir Isaac to have his first check up! :-)


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