Monday, May 23, 2011

Must Stop Eating Like Crap

Okay friends...this is serious. I need a food intervention. Ever since I quit nursing Blake 5 months ago, I have been eating like crap. I have lots of food vices but the WORST addiction I have lately are these damn things...

Must. Stop. Buying. Them.

I always put them in my cart and say they are for the kids, but then I catch myself eating the whole freaking box within a week. And this isn't the only garbage I have been shoving into my mouth. It's really quite ridiculous.

I honestly feel like my poor eating habits lately are contributing to my lack of energy and tummy issues. Getting back on track with running has helped a lot, but not enough. I need to make a serious change and I am afraid the first place to start is with junk food. I must get it ALL out of my house. If it's not there...I can't eat it. Plain and simple. But I am going to have to replace it with something because a hungry mama = a psycho mama. I need food. I am a grazer and I need snacks throughout the day.

BUT...I have a tendency to get bored with healthy food. I love fruit and veggies but beyond that, I need to figure out some fast, easy, HEALTHY snacks to keep around. And I could also use some meal make-overs. We are such comfort food eaters around here that it is hard to switch gears and eat lighter, especially when your hubby is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. I don't feel like I need to diet or necessarily lose weight...I just want to eat better and it wouldn't hurt for Eric and the kids to eat better in the process.

SO...I think I need to do some recipe searching for yummy, hearty, healthy meals. Anyone know a good cookbook that focuses on this sort of thing? Any great healthy recipe websites? I would love to share what I find and hopefully all of you will as well. I mean...I can't be the only one that is in a food slump right now. Right?


  1. I just ordered (and received) the Hungry Girl 300 recipes under 300 calories. I watched her on TV and she does awesome stuff with healthy ingredients! The book is fabulous and has tons of great recipes. I will bring it over so you can spend a few days looking through it. I know you will love it!!!

  2. I would recommend buying a vegetarian cookbook. Their recipes always include lots of fruits, veggies & whole grains! I have tons of vegan cookbooks I could recommend, but that's probably a step further than you'd like to take it. :) Also, one word: hummus. You can make it yourself (so easy) and it's a great dip for veggies or chips! I would highly NOT recommend chocolate covered frozen banana slices from Trader Joe's. They are my version of Toaster Strudel.

  3. I have been eating these like crazy as well! Although I'm eating the wildberry ones and I put some nutella on them prior to putting on the icing. I'm blaming Mason.... :) In protest, he just gave me a few quick jabs :)

  4. Not buying it will help a ton. Let's face it, if it's there, we fixate on it until we eat it. I know I sure do! I will have to see if I can find a baked goods book that works with whole grains/slow carbs. Cuz really, who can live without carbs? Surely it's out there, everything else is!

  5. you are not alone! i am exercising more than ever, but still eating like crap. it sucks! i'm at a loss for yummy healthy food and recipes so i find it easier to just grab the bad stuff...

    i'd love if you write another post after all of the suggestions come in and share them!

  6. I subscribe to Clean Eating Magazine, as well as Living Without. There are always tons recipes in there.

  7. There are lots of websites & books about healthy eating. I like Pamela Smith's book called "Eat Well Live Well". In it she lists the Ten Commandments of Great Nutrition - one of which is...Thou shalt always eat a carbohydrate with a protein (my personal favorite). She also has a website.

  8. I LOVE Cooking Light recipes. They have cookbooks, a website and the magazine. I have never made anything that didn't come out awesome and they have lighter versions of all the comfort food. I highly recommend it!

  9. WOW...thank you all so much for this!! I have lots of work to do and lots of cook books to check out!

    Mom - I will totally steal that book from you :-)

    Jenn - That is an excellent idea! I will have to look into some of those.

    Ann MArie - Nutella? I have never tried that before! Damn I will have to buy at least one more box. Haha!

    Di - Thanks for the link you sent sis! I have it in my Amazon shopping cart :-)

    Miss Sweet Tea - I will be sure to post what I find from everyones suggestions.

    Lins - Thanks girlfriend! I will have to check out both magazines.

    Peakview - LOVE that last commandment. I love anything that tells me I don't have to give up carbs. Haha!

    Michelinne - I think I have seen Cooking Light books at Barnes and Noble before! Now I really need to some searching because those sound great. Thanks!


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