Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh May Gosh...Things Are About to Get Busy!

To be fair, I totally "borrowed" the first part of my title from Clover Lane. She had it up a week or so ago and it made me laugh. Plus, I think it suits this post quite nicely :-)

So as it turns out, May is going to be a CRAZY busy month for us. Luckily, I think it is going to a be a good crazy, unlike the bad crazy that was the month of April. Sick kiddies, doggie surgeries, crappy weather, Eric on overtime, blah!

But all that is behind us now. The kids are feeling better, Howie is on the mend, the sun has been shining more, and Eric was home before 5:00 today. WOOHOO! And we have a LOT of fun in store for us the next few weeks. But first, I have to give my students their final exam on Wednesday. I have to happy as I am for the school year to be over, I am really going to miss my class :( And...I am SO not looking forward to the 72 hours of grading that will follow. Yikes.

But at least the weekend holds promise. It's Eric's birthday on Thursday so we will have lots of celebrating to do!!!! And, weather permitting, the kids swingset will FINALLY go in and we will get to spend some quality time swinging and climbing. It is truly our last weekend (for several weeks) that we don't have some sort of commitment so I want to take advantage of the time at home. Because...

In the weeks that follow, we have TWO baby showers (one that I am throwing with my mom and SIL), two kids birthday parties, a graduation, a trip out of town to see friends (I can't wait Tara!), Addie's ballet recital, another 5K, a girls night out and a date night! Whew! But if I can make it through all that without looking (or acting) liking a Screaming Banshee...

I'll be doing good :-)

But of course, mixed in with all the chaos will hopefully be some much-needed lazy nights at home with Eric and the kids. We all really missed him while he was on overtime, but I don't think anyone is more excited to be done than he is :-) is everyone else's May shaping up?


  1. Girl, I wish I was that busy! I might not be so stir crazy then! :) HAVE FUN!

  2. So happy for you that Eric is done with overtime! And even happier that the swingset it going to be up soon! The kids will love it.

  3. Looks like we're going to have a busy May, too! Last week was busy with Mothers Day; this weekend is Chad's birthday, a baseball game, and a baby shower; the following weekend we have dinner plans; the weekend after that is memorial day. Somewhere in there I need to plan a bachelorette party & get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. Ahhhh!


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