Friday, May 13, 2011

Peace Out School...

Hello Summer!!!

After a marathon grading session last night, I am officially DONE with school for the semester! Woohoo!!
My student's grades were submitted early this morning and even after all these years as a teacher, I still love hitting that final submit button. Being done with a semester, especially if it was a successful one like this one, is a great feeling. But if you had a great class like I did this semester, that feeling is sort of bittersweet. Some of my students left me the sweetest messages at the end of their final and when I say I am going to miss them...I truly mean it. I had a lot of adult learners this semester that really took an interest in the things we were reading and writing about and that made me excited to go to campus each week. I was reminded this semester why I started teaching in the first place :-)

But as sad as I am to see them go, I am REALLY looking forward to a few months with no school obligations!! No more lesson plans, paper grading, e-mailing, etc. I can spend my nights doing all the things I don't get much time to do during the semester. You reading a non-school-related book, watching my DVR and not feeling guilty, working out or running if I can't get to it in the morning, and finishing all the projects I swore I would finish in 2011 (like my damn scrapbooks!). Oh, and there is also that Blog Sale I have been promising for months. Ha! Soon my friends...VERY soon. I just want to clean out a few more closets and get some items from friends and family members that want to be a part of it. Word on the street is that I am going to have a NOOK book reader with accessories on my sale :-)

So...has anyone else officially started their summer vacation yet? Anyone looking forward to anything special?


  1. YAY for summer! I still have 20 days (not that I'm counting, of course) but once it arrives, I am looking forward to days with my boys. Naps. Visits to the park. Working in the yard. Lots of good stuff! Congratulations on your summer break!!

  2. So jealous Jen!...I have 20 more school days! Can't wait to be a SAHSM- Stay at home summer Mom!


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